I have used in D6 and am now using D7.

I have noticed a couple times in D7 only, Manage Form will be set and then at some point resets itself, so all fields are back in the Main Column.

I am clueless as to what causes this. I don't know when it happens, because I only eventually I notice it.

Documenting it in case it happens to others.

#11 node_type_delete_1305212.patch722 bytesgabrielu
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I am noticing the same.

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same here

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For what ever reason, this is now stable for me. I can't think that I've done anything different, but somehow the stars seem to have aligned.

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Paul, can u try to:

rebuild permissions
flush cache
run cron
run update.php

after all that, it's still working?

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Well actually I have just flushed the cache, run cron and update.php because of the views update.

Not sure how to rebuild permissions but happy to do if you can tell me how.

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This has not happened to my site since writing the issue. Don't know why. Perhaps an update somewhere or removal of a conflcting module.

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kervi I rebuilt the permissions and it is still OK, but I certainly had the problem for a while.

I have been experimenting with a number of different module, some of which I have since uninstalled. Perhaps itserich is correct?

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Category: support » bug

This happens when you delete any content type. This is because of the bug in the nodeformcols_node_type_delete function
You should replace the line 178:

->condition('name', 'nodeformscols_field_placements_' . $info->old_type . '%', 'LIKE')


->condition('name', 'nodeformscols_field_placements_' . $info->type . '%', 'LIKE')

This is because in the hook_node_type_delete the $info variable does not have "old_type" parameter. So this is why the hook clears all the nodeformcols settings from the variables table.

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Thanks Nor4a

I noticed a form had changed at some time, again.

I made the change in #9 at nodeformcols.module, created test content type, changed that content type's form, deleted the content type, cleared cache, and other forms are still displaying proper form.

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722 bytes

@Nor4a your solution saved my day. I attached a patch for this. Hope it gets commited.


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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community
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Patch solved this problem for me. Hope it will be committed soon.

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works for me !
one year later steel not committed ?
yest it's a critical bug !

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Closed (fixed)