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Last updated: October 8, 2011 - 18:56

Release notes

Maintenance release, multiple bug fixes:
baf31a2 Issue #1293260: Fixed weird i18n select behavior. Cannot change weight of menu items in a multilingual m
2d052c1 Fixed notice when #on_value not present
5415de5 Issue #1282922: Auto create missing strings when translating.
5892c1e Issue #1279018 by Patrick R.: Fixed Form validation breaks translation of allowed values.
a7f998c Issue #1026290: Fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::() in i18n_taxonomy_form_taxonomy_form_vocab
6e96178 Issue #1280194 by codycraven, mariusz.slonina: Added Taxonomy display integration.
f03d15d Issue #1280194: Taxonomy display integration, don't take over term pages if enabled.
d8eda9d Issue #1283158 by Zoltán Balogh: Fixed Some mistyped text.
2a15f1a Issue #881322 by Berdir: Fixed Multilevel menu fails to create active menu trail with same link_path() i
4c23eb9 Issue #1238642 by dereine | jhodgdon: Added Strings should be able to be runned through filter_xss()(_ad
0a00d5c Issue #1182058 by das-peter: Added entity_translation() support. First chunk: added i18n_entity_translat
b949cc2 Issue #1279004 by batigolix: Fixed Rephrase helptext on Multilingual settings Strings tab.
8bb8658 Issue #1279018 by Patrick R.: Fixed Form validation breaks translation of allowed values.
a1965ee - #1280202 by mariusz.slonina: Fixed Term heading should not rely on term description.
0b6ce47 Issue - #1098438 by mindgame: Fixed Checkbox label not translated in options field widget.
ff02d0f Issue - #1210850 by zambrey: Changed Drop all obsoleted tables after i18n upgrade from D6.
5b95ff7 Issue #1264662: undefined offset: 2 in i18n_node_add_page.
49887f0 Removed unused menu access callback function.
1ba2455 Issue #1262800: Fixed incorrect api call, node_access('create', ) with node_access('create', ->type)

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