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Last updated: September 26, 2011 - 05:21

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta5:

  • #1290632: Fixed files that matched allowed file extensions not visible in the media browser.
  • #1085136 removes legacy menu callback
  • Fixed media_file_validate_types should not be applied on the upload tab.
  • #1268672 by rootatwc: fixes disappearing html
  • #1236232 by David Stosik, bangpound: Expose a views relationship for media fields.
  • remove patch
  • #1290500: Fixed PHP notices in media_field_widget_form().
  • #1224634 by arthurf, Dave Reid: fixes errors produced on testing because of bad data assumptions
  • #1289900 by aaron, Shawn DeArmound, bangpound: Fix the inconsistencies between allowed media types and allowed file extensions.
  • #1290110: Fixed tokens not replaced in file upload directory paths.
  • #1096892: temporary files should not be shown. filters hidden stream wrappers.
  • #1268378 by effulgentsia, chx, Dave Reid, becw: Fixed Empty file type causes exceptions in Drupal 7.8.
  • #1238226 by aaron: Change the default weight of the media filter.
  • #1223794: Fixed media widget does not respect minimum and maximum resolution field instance settings on upload.
  • Followup to 9167ec4: use 'file' entity type in tests.
  • Update MediaEntityTest to use the 'file' entity type instead of the deprecated 'media' entity type in EntityFieldQuery calls.
  • #1201924: Fixed media widget does not respect uri scheme, upload directory, file extensions, and maximum file size instance settings.
  • by aaron, arthur: Hide field and widget settings that the media widget cannot support.
  • by aaron, arthur: Hide field and widget settings that the media widget cannot support.
  • Fix for #1238298 removing local tasks and clarifying JS is required.
  • Removing testing_api = 2.x from
  • Add 'dependencies' to the getInfo() functions so the tests will be skipped on
  • #1239064: Fixed .ogg files are not properly mapped as audio files.
  • #1248730 by dboulet, idflood: Fixed untranslated strings.
  • #1238118 by pp, aaron, idflood, Dave Reid: Fixed hook_media_browser_params_alter() does not actually work.
  • Fixed update functions will cause double-execution of menu_rebuild() or registry_rebuild().
  • #1016376: Allow audio file types in WYSIWYG by default.
  • #1101180 by danielnolde, floretan: Fixed untranslated strings.
  • Fixing coding standards. Please keep future code clean.
  • #1231406: Removed 'theme callback' => 'node_custom_theme' from menu callbacks as the function no longer exists and we already implement hook_admin_paths().
  • #1229996 by TommyChris: Fixed media import does not work with directories with just one file.
  • Fixed incorrect directory paths in media WYSIWYG plugin (trailing backslash).
  • #1046290 by duckofdeath: Fixed untranslated string in media_import_submit().
  • #1221012: Added MENU_NORMAL_ITEM to admin/content/media menu item.
  • Organized and cleaned up info files.
  • #1169472 by mohan1411, mfr, steinmb, hswong3i: Fix call to undefined function media_variable_default() unable to uninstall media module.
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