I am trying to update several thousand nodes and never get past the "initializing" on the bulk update screen. I have ssh access to my server - can I try this command line?


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Have the same problem in over 200K nodes :/.

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The problem is resolved. I`ve disabled Feeds Tamper and bulk update works great :)

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Try to run the batch process using drush. First start the bulk update normally using the Drupal UI. This creates an entry in the batch table. You can retrieve the id of the batch process with a query and then start processing with Drush.

$ drush sql-cli
mysql> select bid from batch;
| bid |
| 391 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
mysql> exit
$ drush batch-process 391
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drush is really poweful!
BTW, I just notice there is a follow button, amazing!

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Yes a Drush command for this would be great. We already have an issue open for this at #867578: Add drush commands for bulk alias updating/deleting - be sure to use the follow button there.

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I had some issues updating term aliases as I have vocabulary with 50,000 terms.
This lead to internal server errors.

I can confirm that updating URL alias is working with views bulk operations (VBO).

I installed the latest dev version which supplied the required options to make this possible.
6.x-2.x-dev tar.gz (42.96 KB) | zip (47.99 KB) 2012-Sep-28 Notes