I set the following rights to a user administration role
- "core "User module":
access member profiles

- administerusersbyrole module:
Create users
delete and edit users for appropriate roles

However, a user with these permissions can do nothing.
What am I missing?

Note that I create a rule in order to have all users associated with at least one role that the administrator can control


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I have a similar usage issue :
- I tried several permissions configurations
- but anytime I try to check a permission like "delete users with role ..." or "edit users with role ..." I get an error like "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator."

Is this module really working ?

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I found why I got this error message (see http://drupal.org/node/1095512#comment-4220774 ) : "it's down to permissions with an apostrophe in them". ...and I had apostrophes in the role names I wanted to check for "edit" or "delete".

So you simply need to avoid to write apostrophe into Role names.

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Since I commented you post jvieille, let me try to comment your own issue :
1) if I just give permissions to a role to allow it to :
a) user module > access use profiles
b) administerusersbyrole module > create users
c) administerusersbyrole module > "delete users with role ..." or "edit users with role ..." for several roles
... then nothing happens. It acts just as if the module was doing nothing.

2) if on top of 1) I check the permission :
d) user module > administer users
... then it works (the users with the role having the above mentioned permissions can create the users) but then they can do too much : they can view and modify all users

So I am lost as well with this module...

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I'm having the same experience as #3.

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I realized i was looking for a "People" administration menu option, but to edit existing users one has to visit the actual user page itself and edit from the link there.

However, if the "Create new users" permission is enabled and i visit admin/people/create, i'm simply redirected to my own user page. So far as i can tell, there's no way to create new users.

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D6 is no longer supported.

However this looks like in D7 it's a duplicate of #1717876: Remove dependency on 'Administer users' permission.