Last updated May 13, 2016.


  • Do try to keep your questions in the main channels. We all learn from your questions.
  • Do minimize the personal chatter in the main channels. Take personal conversations to a private channel, such as instant messenger / Skype / IRC private message ("pm") / etc.
  • Do mention which Drupal version you are running (or if applicable, server/hosting environment).
  • Do stay if you can. Ask a question, answer a question.
  • Do say thank you and/or award some karma(do appreciate) points to the person(s) that helped. username++
  • Do try to preface your comments/responses with the username of the person helping you. (e.g. username: thank-you).
  • Do remain patient when waiting for a response. Not everyone is watching the stream at all times.
  • Do share any knowledge you gain by adding some info to Drupal's documentation or forums.


  • Don't be lazy; read the documentation or do a Google search before posting your question.
  • Don't be afraid to ask 'stupid' questions. (See above first though)
  • Don't ask to ask. Just ask.
  • Don't just say, "My Drupal site isn't working". Be precise.
  • Don't just ask if someone has used x or y. Ask something specific about x or y.
  • Don't target any one user that was kind enough to help with a previous question.
  • Don't ask, "Why is my question not being answered?".
  • Don't private message (pm) someone without asking permisison first in the main channel(s).
  • Don't expect to have your hand held through an entire process. Expect to be pointed in a certain direction.
  • Don't be a Help Vampire.
  • Don't use foul language. #drupal channels are a professional atmosphere.
  • Don't stalk people outside IRC for extra personal help.
  • Don't be demanding. Nobody is paid for helping you. We are all volunteering to foster the Drupal community.
  • Don't crosspost your question in several channels simultaneously (this includes forums, issue queues and Drupal Stack Exchange).
  • Don't repeat your question because no one is answering you. Be patient. Repost if significant amount of time has passed.
  • Don't flood the channel with your code - use Pastebin.
  • Don't post elaborate questions. If you have an extended question post it to the Forums and link to it in IRC
  • Don't send uninvited private messages to users. It is a courtesy to ask a user if you may engage in a private discussion before sending the PM.