Last updated 13 October 2016.


  • Do try to keep your questions in the main channels. We all learn from your questions.
  • Do minimize the personal chatter in the main channels. Take personal conversations to a private channel, such as instant messenger / Skype / IRC private message ("pm") / etc.
  • Do mention which Drupal version you are running (or if applicable, server/hosting environment).
  • Do stay if you can. Ask a question, answer a question.
  • Do say thank you and/or award some karma(do appreciate) points to the person(s) that helped. username++
  • Do try to preface your comments/responses with the username of the person helping you. (e.g. username: thank-you).
  • Do remain patient when waiting for a response. Not everyone is watching the stream at all times.
  • Do share any knowledge you gain by adding some info to Drupal's documentation or forums.


  • Don't be lazy; read the documentation or do a Google search before posting your question.
  • Don't be afraid to ask 'stupid' questions. (See above first though)
  • Don't ask to ask. Just ask.
  • Don't just say, "My Drupal site isn't working". Be precise.
  • Don't just ask if someone has used x or y. Ask something specific about x or y.
  • Don't target any one user that was kind enough to help with a previous question.
  • Don't ask, "Why is my question not being answered?".
  • Don't private message (pm) someone without asking permission first in the main channel(s).
  • Don't expect to have your hand held through an entire process. Expect to be pointed in a certain direction.
  • Don't be a Help Vampire.
  • Don't use foul language. #drupal channels are a professional atmosphere.
  • Don't stalk people outside IRC for extra personal help.
  • Don't be demanding. Nobody is paid for helping you. We are all volunteering to foster the Drupal community.
  • Don't crosspost your question in several channels simultaneously (this includes forums, issue queues and Drupal Stack Exchange).
  • Don't repeat your question because no one is answering you. Be patient. Repost if significant amount of time has passed.
  • Don't paste code directly into IRC. You can use or to share code snippets via the web. Please avoid using because of their excessive advertising. Type paste? in IRC for more info.
  • Don't post elaborate questions. If you have an extended question post it to the Forums and link to it in IRC
  • Don't send uninvited private messages to users. It is a courtesy to ask a user if you may engage in a private discussion before sending the PM.