I am using "mailsystem" in combination with "mimemail" and "simplenews". It seems I am missing something because my system keeps on sending plaintext newsletters - no matter what I do.

I installed "mailsystem" without pasting or adding any code. All I did was to set the pulldowns to "mimemail".

Are there any detailed instructions on how to get Drupal 7 to send out HTML emails? I found one but I do not know where to paste alt the the code?

Any help anyone?


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Working on this.

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Project: Mail System » Mime Mail
Version: 7.x-2.26 » 7.x-1.x-dev
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Okay, I did the following, with screenshots:

  1. Set up a test server on http://example.com/d7
  2. Installed and configured Mail System, Mime Mail, and PHP Filter.
  3. Sent a test message by means of a custom PHP page
  4. Received the test message via Mozilla Thunderbird

If there is still a problem, I believe it is with Mime Mail and not with Mail System.


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EDIT: ignore this.

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Sorry; the send_test_email.png screenshot was cut off by the overlay module.

Here is the code and a better screenshot:

$message = array(
  'headers' => array('Content-Type' => 'text/html'),
  'key' => 'test', 'to' => 'user@example.com', 'from' => 'user@example.com', 'subject' => 'Test email',
  'body' => '<h1>Test Email</h1></p>This is a test email with HTML formats and styling</p>
<dl><dt>Bulleted list</dt><dd><ul><li>Item one</li><li>Item two</li><li>Item three</li></ul></dd>
<dt>Ordered list</dt><dd><ol><li>Item one</li><li>Item two</li><li>Item three</li></ol></dd>
<dt>Table</dt><dd><table><thead><tr><th>Left column header</th><th>Right column header</th></tr></thead>
<tbody><tr><th>First row header</th><td>First row data</td></tr>
<tr><th>Second row header</th><td>Second row data</td></tr></tbody></table></dd></dl>';
$system = drupal_mail_system('test', 'test');
$result = $system->mail($message);
drupal_set_message('Test message ' . ($result ? 'sent' : 'not sent') . '.');
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Thank you for all your work.
I got it to work by installing HTMLmail and setting all the mails to HTML.

Best wishes,

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would you mind telling how did you do this? My Newsletters are really messed up. Tried Mime Mail, HTML Mail and plain text, none have a nice output.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi Reptilex,

I used trial & error until the HTML formatting got sent out. Here are the screenshots of the modules and the configuration I use.


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I used the configuration of Paul, but it doesn't work for me : tags "h1", "h2", "ul", "li" are transformed in the mail received (see the screenshots).

Maybe I miss something ??

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Sorry, here are the screenshots.

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Hi Dlooc,

did you check the input formats you used to write your newsletter?

If you use "filtered HTML" or if your filters are set up in the wrong order they may be transforming your HTML tags into plaintext.

Try creating a new text format just for your newsletters and remove all filters.


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Thanks for your help Paul,

My input format was "Full HTML" ;
I created a new format "Mail" (see the screenshots) but it doesn't solve the problem.
I don't understand what's wrong...

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The process of sending a Simplenews newsletter is fairly complicated.

See #1250240-1: How does HTML Mail render a Simplenews newsletter message?

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Thanks for these informations, it helps me to understand how works Simplenews.

My problem is more basic : my newsletter contains only a title and a body ; in the body, I have the HTML code :

but I receive a mail like this :

<p>======== HELLO ===============================================================</p>

I just want to use Simplenews with MimeMail, as it is recommended on the project page "http://drupal.org/project/simplenews", to send a message using HTML format. This configuration worked fine on Drupal 6.

Is there any subtlety to configure MimeMail and MailSystem, or may I use the module MailMime to replace MimeMail ?

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Mailmime definitely does not replace Mimemail

I'm sorry for the confusingly similar naming. MailMIME is named after the PEAR class that it wraps. It does not send mail.

Your output shows that something is calling drupal_html_to_text().

Hopefully the MimeMail maintainers can chime in here, but possibly you need to check your MailSystem settings and make sure that the default Mail System is set to MimeMailSystem.

One way to do this is to visit admin/config/system/mailsystem.

Another way is to uninstall and reinstall MimeMail.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled MimeMail (version 7.x-1.x-dev from 2011-Jul-30), then I put the MailSystem settings :

- Site-wide default MailSystemInterface class => MimeMailSystem
- Mime Mail module class => MimeMailSystem
- Simplenews module class => MimeMailSystem (I tried too with DefaultMailSystem)

Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the problem.

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Category: support » bug

ok, I think it's a bug : I installed a new fresh Drupal 7.7 with only these modules :
- mimemail 7.x-1.x-dev (2011-jui-30)
- simplenews 7.x-1.x-dev (2011-juin-12)
- Mail System 7.x-2.28

In the body of my newsletter (with text format : full HTML), I put these tags :


And I obtained this in the source of the mail received :

<div class="htmlmail-simplenews-body htmlmail-body">
-------- TEST N°12 ----------------------------------------------------------
<p>======== HELLO ===============================================================</p>
<p>.... Content</p>
<p>-------- BYE -----------------------------------------------------------------</p>

I tried to add the module "htmlmail" (version 7.x-2.60) but it doesn't solve the problem.

If any MimeMail maintainer could look at this, I would be very grateful.

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I cannot reproduce this. I don't use HTML Mail, as far as I know Mime Mail and HTML Mail are incompatible with each other. However your settings seem to be right.

I think you forgot to set HTML format for your newsletter category at /admin/structure/simplenews. It is not enough to set the default settings, perhaps this is a bug in Simplenews.

I too created a fresh install with just the needed modules (MailSystem, MimeMail, Simplenews and nothing else) and it works fine.

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Thanks for your help, sgabe. You are right : the problem results from the Simplenews category.

When you install the Simplenews module for the first time, a Simplenew category is automatically created (in the table "simplenews_category") with a format "plain text", and you have to change it after the installation.

But if you have installed the "Admin menu" Module, you can't edit the Simplenews categories : the menu "Structure > Newsletters" has only one item : "Add Newsletter category" (see the screenshots).

You can change the format using the menu "Structure > Taxonomy > Newsletter" but this affects the field "format" of the table "taxonomy_term_data" and not the field "format" of the table "simplenews_category".

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So is this a Simplenews or an Admin Menu bug? Please move the issue to the right place.

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Maybe a Simplenew bug ? I move this issue on Simplenews issues (http://drupal.org/node/1268160).
I solved the problem using the Drupal standard administration menu instead of "Admin menu" module.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

You could have just changed this issue's settings. However I think this can be closed as a duplicate of #1268160: Bug with Simplenews and Admin Menu

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Hey Guys,

Cracked it!!

Have alook and save your time..Enjoy!!!!!

Using "mailsystem" in combination with "mimemail" and "simplenews":

Try following option(s)/method to check E-mail format as HTML:

1. configuration > system > mail system

2. configuration > web services > newsletters > settings

3. configuration > webservices > edit newsletter category (of the newsletter in question)
(** = the taxonomy category number that the newsletter is using)

Happy Drupaling!!!!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.