The list title and description fields that appear at mailchimp/subscribe and user/register are not translatable via i18nstrings.

The main issue is with the following two function calls:

t('@name', array('@name' => $list->name))
t('!desc', array('!desc' => $list->description))

Those will never translate anything.

List name and description appear in a few other places where they are also not translated.

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edit: oops! my patch file was backwards (/blush) corrected in next comment

Here's a patch where I've modified the areas where list titles and descriptions are added to forms.

I know _technically_ using t() with variable input is a "no-no", but in this case, there doesn't seem to be any other way to translate these strings. Also, they are input via a plain text form element, so they should be translatable text (no html, php, etc.)

I also removed an instance of t('')

If you do apply this patch, remember you must view the output in a language other than your site's default before the string will appear in the translation interface (see:

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Corrected patch file.

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Committed patch.

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Can we have this ported to a drupal 7 version please?