Last updated 15 May 2015.

One of the major advancements introduced with HTML5 is the ability to embed rich media within a web page using the <audio> and <video> tags. With the release of the HTML5 initiative, we will finally introduce the long awaited ability for Drupal to display rich media within the browser. In addition to this, it will also include an extensible and pluggable system for other contrib modules to provide a variety of functionality and fallbacks necessary to handle all browsers besides those with HTML5 rich media capabilities.

HTML5 Media Roadmap

The development for this functionality will reside within the project, and has the following goals and roadmaps.

  • Introduce standard HTML5 media handling by providing a field formatter for the File field type. - Finished 6/27/11
  • Build an infrastructure for providing custom templates for the control bar using Drupal theme layer. Javascript will be required for this, but will fall back to the browser provided control bar when JavaScript is disabled. - Finished 10/6/2011
  • Introduce fallback mechanism for contrib modules to provide plugin and fallbacks. Example: Flash Fallback will be added with a contrib module. - Finished 10/6/2011
  • Build a JavaScript API for other contrib modules to provide media API player plugins. Example: YouTube: Media module can now provide a YouTube JavaScript API that plugs right into the core player. - Finished 10/6/2011

HTML5 Media Initiative Leaders

  • Travis Tidwell (travist)
  • Anyone else interested?... Please contact Travis.

To stay up to date with the latest developments for this initiative, please go to the HTML5 Media project page. Please add issues/suggestions within the issue queue of this project.