It's my first post here. I have searching for any other similar problem, but I didn't find anything about this problem. Perhaps it only happens to me.
Well, the problem is that, only in the main page of my site, the blocks in the right sidebar display at the bottom of the page, just over the footer area. It's very annoying because it happens only in the main page. If one read a full article or enter any other section in the site, blocks display correctly. I have tested it with Opera 9, IE6 and Firefox 2. Also I have tested it as anonymous, registered and admin user, and the problem is exactly the same for all.

Also I tried to disable all the blocks in the right sidebar and reactivated them one by one, trying to see if it was caused by one of them, but it happens always. You can see and test the problem in my site:


It's in Spanish, but it's no problem to see the error. You can see at the bottom a taxonomy cloud, a link with a little banner and a link to install Firefox and Thunderbird, and if you click in any of the articles I wrote, you can see the cloud, the link and the banners going to the right sidebar.

Can anybody help me? I'm desperate looking for a solution.

Thank you very much.


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it seems that there is a unclosed html tag in one of your teasers.
Install the HTML Corrector Module (http://drupal.org/project/htmlcorrector) and/or HTMLtidy (http://drupal.org/project/htmltidy) and see if it's fixed then.

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Wow, cheers! That was the issue with mine. :)

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I had the same problem on my first drupal installation.

I thought HTML corrector has already gone to 5.0 core - obviously not. Imho it's crucial...
It should then really go to Drupal 6 core.

Glad if I could help you guys ;-)

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Great! Thank you very much! It's now working fine! I cannot believe it!
Many many thanks for your help!

The more I know about Drupal, the more I love it! There are modules for almost all!!! As I told in another post of the forum, I come from WordPress. I hate it, because it's so easy at the installation, but after it, when you want to change anything, or want to add a feature, it's so so hard and ugly. But with Drupal, you have to learn a bit more in the first days, but later, everything is extremely easy.
Thanks again and regards from Spain!!


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Yes - absolutely right! Drupal is the best CMS of the universe and I second your opinion on WP, which is not bad too but can never reach Drupal.

There is still a lot to do for Drupal in the future and some things really sucked in the 4.7 which have almost been fixed or reorganized in 5.1. - so there is hope ;-)

I used other CMS in the past and they all suck. Typo3, yoomla, mcms, you name it. Drupal is what I use for all of my new projects and I am very satisfied. The worst thing that can happen is if you build your site around a third party module which doesnt get supported any longer...
But thank god that's an exceptional case.

Have a nice day and a lot of fun with Drupal!

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But it only happens on the home page. I installed the module you recommended and it did not fix the problem. Any ideas?

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Hi kforet, I'm not sure if you fixed your problem, but I thought I'd throw this out there if anyone else had this problem that wasn't fixed with HTMLtidy.

I had the same problem, but I had removed the taxonomy terms block from node.tpl.php:

  <div class="clear-block">
    <div class="meta">
    <?php if ($taxonomy): ?>
      <div class="terms"><?php print $terms ?></div>
   <?php endif;?>

Once I put it back, the right sidebar returned to the correct place on my home page. I realize this was a newbie mistake, and the lesson I learned was not to remove block divs. I removed only <div class="terms"><?php print $terms ?></div> and that worked fine.

Just throwing this out there, in case anyone else did the same thing.

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I try htmltidy but can't get the binary part to work.

htmlcorrector is much simpler no need to upload binary. After I get it work, all my images was gone which scare the hell out of me. Then I uncheck the 'HTML filter' and everything works beautifully.


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I think we're posting about the same problem.. and within minutes of each other... weird!

I haven't sorted it out yet.

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Haha, yes, we had the same problem at the same time! Al least, we have a fast and efficient solution ;)

Best regards,