Even though I specify as an allowed tag in filtered HTML, does not seem to be allowed. How does one specify the allowed tags so that users can change font properties?


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you look at the wrong configuration.
Take Text formats under content authoring.
Here you can edit your list of allowed html tags for filtered html or full html

E: sry didn't read carefully ~

E: maybe that helps http://drupal.org/node/417166#filter-styles

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Thanks. The filter on this page cut off the span that I entered. Convert font tags to styles was checked. Unchecking it did not help. Either way, I still get span tags.

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See my answer in #400216-8: TinyMCE & Filter HTML not allowing font changes. for what the "Convert font tags to styles" checkbox does.

Wysiwyg or the editors don't have an "allowed/disallowed" tags list like the serverside filter does. The editors will used the tags and style properties necessary to apply the changes the user makes via the font- and style-related buttons, if they've been enabled.

Note that you might need the patch in #970452: Fix TinyMCE plugin names and remove outdated plugin information to get an up to date list of buttons/plugins for TinyMCE. It seems they changed without us noticing it.

Your question is a bit vague. What properties do you want users to be able to change? If you've enabled the buttons to do that and, make some changes in the editor and then click "Disable rich-text", doesn't the generated markup look the way you expected?
If it does but you don't see any changes in the rendered node you might need to use a different filter as the "HTML Filter"-filter enabled by default for the "Filtered HTML" format always removes all styling during rendering for security reasons.

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My problem is that image tags get filtered out to remove the image if I specify filtered html. All I am left with is a blank image tag. So this makes it impossible for users to insert pictures into their posts. Ditto for font changes.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

It sounds to me like you're describing three different things in your posts. I can't make out exactly when and where things don't work for you. Can you post code samples (use <code></code> wrappers) and/or screenshots of what you're getting?

If things look good in the editor and the generated markup looks good when clicking "Disable rich text" the editor is working.
If the markup is broken (tags or attributes missing) when the node is being viewed you need to reconfigure your format settings like Ciraxis said. The editor uses style attributes for things like fonts and colors, so if you have the "HTML Filter"-filter enabled (The "Filtered HTML" format has this by default) they won't show up because that filter always removes all style attributes for security reasons. If you want to only allow some tags but still allow the style attribute in some tags I would normally recommend using WYSIWYG Filter instead, but they don't have a D7 release yet. (See #865034: Wysiwig Filter D7 port for D7 version status.)

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Without further information I can't do anything but close this issue.
If you are still having problems and can provide more information or clarify the situation, feel free to reopen the issue.

WYSIWYG Filter does have a D7 version now, so I recommend checking it out instead of the built in "Limit allowed HTML tags"-filter (the named changed from "HTML Filter" in D7).

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