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Title: D7? » Station Port to D7

Changed title to be more descriptive.

Subscribing to port module owners comments on possible port.

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I'm guessing work on a 6.x-2.0 stable release will come before any port to D7.

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A comment from the maintainers would be appreciated, even if it's just a request for someone else to do the work ;)

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Based on a brief conversation with drewish, we should just tag 6.x-2.0 and move on.

I've been working on fullcalendar and field_collection as replacements for the custom station_schedule and station_playlist code. The station_program and station_catalog should be relatively easy to port. I've literally never used station_archive, but based on the fate of audio, it looks like that's a non-starter.

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Issue tags: +metadata

In the years I have been thinking about this, I think a fresh start may call for a fresh take on what is needed. My goal is to provide a real-time API for the live audio stream, and I am turning back to Drupal to be the solution to do this.

Drewish, I know we have had a conversation in the past, but I have been giving this a lot of thought. I really believe that the host information begs to be entered real-time when the host is actually playing a track. If this can become the focus of playlist, count me in.

What I propose is a host entry form to be open in front of a live host, whether that host is presenting music or topical matter. From this form, I would like to assemble the needed data to feed stream encoders, RDS encoders, hd encoders, etc. Here is a sample entry form in it's most simple form:

Also, I have mocked up a demo that does refer to MusicBrainz for field data. Try typing in a song title here: and then selecting a title that pops up.

I have had a lot of contact with a lot of stations that do live audio, and it's pretty unanimous that we can do a better job of aggregating our host's metadata and making it available to all. "Content without metadata is just bits."

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Subscribing! We looked at "updating" the station module to D7 for our stations but abandoned the idea. We wanted it mainly for the scheduler for programs, but ended up gong a different route. I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.

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Subscribing - This is really important that this update happens imho. I rely heavily on this module for my radio station and I cant update to D7, if only I have the cash to invest in dev work id pay for it!

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Issue tags: -metadata

What do stations and users need most from a D7 station module? Here is my 2¢:

  1. Metadata API: What song is playing right now, and by whom? Is it being played live or is it from automation? If not a song, what is the topic of discussion? This information is never more relevant than right now.
  2. Metadata Logging: Who played what when? What was that talk show about?
  3. Scheduling: What's coming up? Is there a sub on? What are the details for a program.
  4. Archiving: Can the audio be fed or skimmed? Can start and stop be controlled by Metadata API for show starts and ends?
  5. Stream Linking and Statistics: Load balancing, HTML5 players, streaming server metadata, graphing.

These are the components required to semantically convey a live audio stream. This data, aggregated with a well designed "host entry" page will provide the data needed to socially graph our most precious resource, live hosts. It could also give them a place to get the information needed to put out over
I think modeling and creating a host entry form could be a great place to start a D7 station module.

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Has anyone tried running this through the Coder module to produce a basic patch that addresses some of the essential elements that have changed? There's certainly work that will need to be done with upgrading it to support Views 3 & Fields. It's quite likely that there won't be a clean upgrade path. However, there are lots of good reasons for there to be a D7 version of this module.

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I think mattrock has hit the nail on the head here, this is exactly what I have been craving from this module for a long time. If I had the skills to develop it myself I would. I think a simple D7 port would be ok for now with a major rewrite

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Greetings all. This issue remains in need. I'm guessing many of you, like myself, do not possess the skills to code yourselves. Yet, a live stream metadata handler remains a critically missing tool for broadcasters and your here because of the belief that Drupal 7 gorks for you.

I suggest the following:

  1. Move the discussion. I think the discussion which must be had can best fit at
  2. Prioritize coveted features. In my case, a real-time webform for play entry in front of the host.
  3. Build a model. We will be able to convey our mission to those who do know how to code if we know exactly what to ask for.

If nobody objects, I will find or open a discussion at Google Groups and post a link in this thread. If you have objections, now is the time to reply.

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Please come to Drupalcon Denver 2012 and join our BOF to help direct this module's future:

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Hi, any update from the Denver? What happened?

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Can we get a definitive answer from the module maintainer on whether or not there are plans to port this to D7?
This module is the main one holding us up from launching a new D7 site for our station and if there are no plans for this to be ported, we need to start looking at other solutions...

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At this moment in time I do not believe any of the co-maintainers have a current plan to port it to D7. If anyone has a current need and would be interested in taking the lead to start building something we'll be more than happy to let someone else drive the car.

FYI I've changed the module's status to indicate that we're looking a new maintainer.

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We are currently on a discussion involving several developers affiliated with non-commercial radio and there is some interest to collectively take over the project as maintainers. I will give an update asap.

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Any news? Nowadays I am rebuilding a site of our radio and I am not quite sure whether to wait for this to happen or to try modify the station module for my needs myself.

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@gnaag: No news, if you'd like to take over the module just let us know.

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Hello, I am working on a port for the station module to drupal7. Currently I have ported the station, program, schedule and playlist modules. Most of the features work, but some testing needs to be done. I am also interested in taking over the module. Should I upload the module directly to the repository?

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@gnal: Could you please upload a zip/tgz of the codebase or create a sandbox so we can have a quick look first? Thanks.

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Sandbox created:

The sandbox's name is "station_7" and cloning the repository creates a "station_7" folder for the module, please rename the folder to "station" after cloning so as to match the module's name. Also, the code needs to be cleaned up from comments. I haven't ported the functions that allow a station module to get the schedule from a remote station_schedule, and also I haven't implemented an upgrade path from drupal6. Please test it in a clean drupal7 install.

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@gnal: A very good start. A few suggestions:

  • Rename README to README.txt.
  • There's no need to include LICENSE.txt, that gets added automatically during release building.
  • The require_once line in station.module can be replaced with the following: require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/';

So, why don't you make those few tweaks and I'll get you access to the main project :-)

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Changes commited.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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Added the station_catalog module and fixed an error in

So what remains to do is cleaning up the code, fixing the XML-RPC functionality of the module or removing it altogether and testing/reviewing. Should I create a drupal7 development release?

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@gnal: Your first step should be to push the codebase into the official Station repository.

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@Damien: I created a 7.x-1.x branch, continuing the updates there.

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A download for the drupal 7 port of the station module is now available at the projects main page. The station archive module has been dropped and there is no upgrade path from drupal 6 at the moment.

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Massive thanks for gnal for your work on this. Been needing this for too long now. I would like to put forward two feature requests.

  1. DJ attendance - The ability to allow DJs to mark themselve as away for a show and the schedule dynamically show that. Also the possibility for another DJ to put themselves forward to cover the show and schedule dynamically adjust to show that too would be great.
  2. DJ Pictures - The ability to link a picture to the program, which would be shown in a block or somewhere on the site which could be the DJ live at that particular time according to the schedule.

Any thoughts on if this is possible?

Best regards

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

;-) gnal . I would support gnal's request to be a maintainer, if he is not one already.

I think we are in the happy position to close this issue, because the port exists. For better organisation, the missing features gnal mentioned, as well the features request of neo5287 should be separate features requests attached to the new version.

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#1776606: Port station archive sub-module
#1776600: Upgrade path from drupal 6 to drupal 7

@neo5287 Could you please open your feature requests as two separate issues for this module? This way we can focus on and explain better the desired behaviour and see what can be done.

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In case you have not read the project's description lately, gnal has been made a co-maintainer and is working on building a solid release for Drupal 7. Now that we have a -dev release for D7, lets close this issue and deal with specific features & bugs in other issues.

Thank you all for your patience, and thank you gnal for putting the time into it.

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Issue summary: View changes

anybody here?

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Can anyone help me with the customization of the this module?