This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Station is a group of D6 modules to run a radio station's website. It was originally designed for KPSU, a college radio station in Portland, Oregon.

A Drupal 7 port is underway and the project has a new co-maintainer: gnal

If you use this module it is encouraged to sign up for the radio group, that's where most of the station module related discussion takes place.

The modules are loosely coupled and designed to run on different machines i.e. schedule runs on your ISPs machine and archive runs on a network where bandwidth is cheap.

Station Schedule Module

The station schedule module provides:

  • A weekly schedule for a radio station.
  • A "DJ" relation between Drupal users and the Program nodes.
  • An XML-RPC interface for remotely retrieving program information.

Station Program Module

The station program module provides:

  • A Program node that can be placed into one or more schedule blocks.
  • Basic views support for the Program nodes.

Station Playlist Module

The station playlist module provides:

  • A Program Playlist node that allows user to create Playlist nodes detailing the music they played on a given date and linking that to a Program node.
  • Basic views support for the Program Playlist nodes.

Station Catalog Module

The station catalog module provides:

  • An Album node that allows user to create nodes with information about music albums.
  • Basic views support for the Album nodes.

Station Archive Module

The station archive module provides a framework for keeping an archive of the station's webstream. It uses StreamRipper to connect to the webstream and save an hour-long MP3 of each show. The MP3s are then added to Drupal using the audio module.

Warning: If you're in the US, posting your archives publicly could be a violation of the DMCA, you should consult with a lawyer. Though if you're in Canada it can be used to help you comply with broadcast recording requirements.

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