Currently, there is no easy way to see the full path to a file. For an image, you can click on the image name to get a preview in the bottom, and then you can click on the image preview which open us the image in a new window from where you can copy the URL out of the browser window. That is a bvit longwinded, and it should be possible to see this information from within the IMCE interface. For other files like PDFs of KMZ files, clicking on the preview initiates a download, and its a lot harder for users to find out what the full path to the file was.

Attached patch shows the path to the file just below the file preview.

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Path aplies to latest stable release, though I expect it will apply to -dev cleanly too, since it's only one line of code.

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608 bytes

Here's a slight change to your patch in order to display the full URL, instead of the path.

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Rerolled patch after 6.x-2.4 release.

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Assuming this patch never gets reviewed or committed, how about a way to do this using IMCE's javascript hooks?