Hi Lee,

I am trying to figure out how can group bookings are available in your excellent module.
I set up a room type with the following parameters:
-Maximum Occupancy: 2
-Available rooms from this type: 10

When I search rooms for eg. 4 adults there will be no results, as I see.

Is there a way to display room types with an additional quantity field (like in case of any standard ubercart product) and allow the guest to choose from availables?




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Not at the moment but happy to receive a patch.
I assume you want to show two rooms that each take 2 guests instead of 1 room that takes 4?

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I am in the same (urgent) need for a customer. I would be happy to provide a patch but I need guidelines on the portion of code to "touch".

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no one? :(

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Version: 6.x-2.0-beta4 » 6.x-2.x-dev

it would go something like this
1) add a config option to say 'allow multi-book'
2) alter hotel_booking_get_available_rooms to consider this in it's query
3) alter hotel_booking_search_results to include a qty field
4) alter hotel_booking_search_form_submit to include the qty when adding to cart
5) alter hotel_booking_cart_item to include said qty in price calculations
probably a good 3-5 hours work in that.

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Hi larowlan,

i need patch for same issues

help me please

warm regard

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Subscribing to this as well. Will see if I can't code something up though, but Drupal is not my strength as of current ;)

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This module is simple amazing, the contribution is really great and very appreciated.

Now, most of the rooms I think allows up to 3 people. and we have tons of these rooms.

But if the user choose 4 adults, they get zero results.

I don't understand this logic, what is the way to configure the system or the turnaround for this?

I see this module have features like: smoking, children, bonuses, etc, etc. but is lacking group support?
I just don't understand, the group support is more important that those details.

Please advice.

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The feature does not exist.
I'm happy to accept patches.