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I am extremely interested in this module, or a similar one, for my site, in which users will be filling out forms over the course of several hours, with timestamps for each revision to the form until it is submitted, as they accomplish activities, and the form cannot be broken up into multiple submissions, because of the technical illiteracy of the user to be able to manage that many forms. (sorry for the huge sentence, there's a reason I chose Programming over English classes). So saving a content type as a draft is as close to essential as I can get with this.

What is/are the opinion(s) from this module's developers of how difficult the d7 port will be? Perhaps in terms of time? I'm new to Drupal and php, and pretty much web dev in general but I'm learning extremely quickly. I am only just now learning d7, but I have several development servers at my fingertips, so if any testing would be useful to you in speeding up the port, I am interested in helping.

Also if you think another module would better suit my needs, I'm all ears, and I recognize this isn't likely because I've probably been too vague about what I'm doing, but it doesn't hurt to throw out there that I'm open to other modules as well, my needs aren't exactly set in stone, as I'm still working with the client on what they need.

VM’s picture = a simplier (by design) method for creating draft nodes.

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Thanks, I seem to have overlooked that one. The module you suggested seems to be alright, though I'm not too wild about this publish/unpublish functionality, but that's for me to deal with for that module. I'll still be watching out for the d7 port of this module though :)

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for D7 more complex workflows (which can include drafts) can be accomplished with rules and the NKOTB, maestro.

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um.. what is NKOTB? I only know that acronym for a band....

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New Kid On The Block = the saying from where the boy band you refer to took their name.

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haha thanks, gotcha now

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Hi darren.ferguson,
I am importing this module to D7 version. Completed the saving of draft and currently working on the draft_views part which is related to the views integration.

I will soon be uploading the code here for review by the community.

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69.61 KB

I am uploading the D7 version of the draft module. Please review it.. In content adding page i am getting warnings, I am trying to fix them.

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Assigned: Unassigned » srivalli
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The above zip folder contains test file (mod_draft.module). I removed that and uploading again. Please review the drupal 7 version of the draft module.

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@srivalli do you need help rolling a patch? That's generally the way that code is reviewed & then brought into a project.

Did you run it through Coder to review it? Not sure how good the D6 code is when reviewed with Coder.

Anyways, most important thing, thanks! Hopefully we can help move this to a release soon.

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Yes @mgifford,
I need some one help to rolling the patch of this module. I run the code through coder module while upgrading to D7.

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Have you looked at the description here?

You can probably just pull down the git implementation and then copy over your new files over the ones you pulled down from git.

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Hi mgifford,
I installed Git and did the following instructions which are given in the link ""

1. git clone --branch 6.x-1.x
2. cd draft
3. git status

4. git branch -a
Gave the following result
remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master

Next command is:
git checkout [branchname]

Out of 3(mentioned in bold letters) which one has to use, Instead of [branchname]. How can I copy my new files(D7 version files)?


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In dealing with most projects the code to follow is HEAD. This is usually the default, but not always.

I usually do steps 1 & 2 and just as you have described.

Since you've already got a working set of files I'd just copy them over, so step 3 would be:
3. cp -r ../my_version_of_draft/* .

And then you'd want to create the patch, ideally with a file name that follows [description]-[issue-number]-[comment-number].patch:
4. git diff > D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch

Then upload it here and set the project status to needs review. There must be simpler descriptions though somewhere else...

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Status: Active » Needs review
71.69 KB

I am uploading D7 version patch for draft(D6) module. Please review this module.
While adding content in D7 version by enabling draft module, some notices are coming as below (After adding content click on the "Save as draft" button, close the layer window and refresh the page. now we can see the following notices)
* Notice: Array to string conversion in drupal_attributes() (line 2264 of C:\wamp\www\drupal7\includes\
* Notice: Array to string conversion in drupal_attributes() (line 2264 of C:\wamp\www\drupal7\includes\

So I am trying to resolve this. If any one wants to resolve this notices, please do the needful.


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Some minor whitespace errors in that patch.

$ git apply D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch 
D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch:23: trailing whitespace.
D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch:132: trailing whitespace.
    color: #fff; 
D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch:346: trailing whitespace.
D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch:353: trailing whitespace.
D7_upgrade-1120336-16.patch:777: trailing whitespace.
warning: squelched 21 whitespace errors
warning: 26 lines add whitespace errors.

Ran it through coder and:
Coder found 2 projects, 22 files, 41 normal warnings, 0 warnings were flagged to be ignored

One of them might affect translation Javascript strings should be passed through Drupal.t(). The rest are pretty trivial, but should still be taken care of.

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Any news on this? Could the #16 patch be updated?
Many thanks.

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I think it might be time to call for a new maintainer. Anyone want to take on the job?

@darren.ferguson hasn't posted for a while on d.o... Hopefully he can be re-engaged, but doesn't seem to be at the moment.

There was an page somewhere describing this process, but it was too long ago.. Anyone know where it is?

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