This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Draft module provides the ability too create drafts of existing nodes as well as new nodes before you have saved them.

The module utilizes the jquery.fields plugin to serialize all of the information and then the information is stored in a database row serialized.

The module provides the ability to autosave the content without the user having to hit the Save as Draft button on the form.

The Draft Module provides support for the following rich text editors:

  • FCKEditor
  • TinyMCE

The Draft Module without the draft_views module enabled provides a php view that displays the users drafts and allows them to click on one to load the information. Clicking on one of the drafts will load the draft into the form and you can continue editing and adding more information. If you save as draft again the system will over write the existing information that was available since it will pre-populate a hidden draft_id field in the form. One of the main features in Drafts is that it allows you to make drafts of existing nodes and then it will pre-populate the draft of that node at a later date so you can save as a revision rather than creating a new node for each draft. The PHP view was made configuarble, so the Administrator can choose in the modules administration settings the fields that they wish to be displayed in the PHP view.

The Draft Module provides views integration via the draft_views module with a default of http://yoursitename/draft/list and this displays all of the drafts that you currently have associated with your uid. The functionality in the views portion of the module is exactly the same as with the php page however the main feature with utilizing the views portion is the module will allow you to alter the path to the view. This means that if you change the path of your view from draft/list to something else, you can go into the administration portion of the draft_views module and change the path there.

Once you submit the information the draft will be removed from the list so that you do not have a lot of drafts that are no longer applicable.

Development sponsored by OpenBand, a subsidiary of M.C.Dean, Inc.

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