Hi Sascha,
I tested 7.x.1.x dev version of user relationships. And didnt find any bug .There were some bugs but they were related to the invite module itself.
Also, most of the issues in the queue are fixed.
So,what's preventing from having stable release /alpha release of this module?
And if there is something, how can I help?


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Title: Roadmap to 7.x-1.0 » Roadmap to 7.x-1.0-alpha1 and beyond

This is a good question. Let's make this is a roadmap issue.


There are some refactorings which I'd like to see done before a first alpha release.

-#728552: Send private message to all friends
-#990422: Move root module to main directory for D7 port
-#1103978: Move admin UI to user_relationships module

Actually, it's really only the second one but the first has a patch that should be almost ready and would be rather hard to re-roll.

So you can help by testing the patch there and then we can continue with the second one.


Second, for the beta, I plan to focus on UI/Permissions improvements, I've created a few issues to investigate, I'm sure there will be more:
- #1099394: Revisit usage of vertical_tabs in relationship type form
- #1099398: Use #states system to simplify relationship type form
- #1099406: Convert role permissions settings into permissions
- #1051812: Views integration: Display username/realname for "Requestee user" and "Requester user" fields
- #1102470: Clickable and sortable column headers for the relationship tables
- #1102472: Make local tasks on /relationships pages configurable
- #1102490: Improve display of user pictures
- #1102476: Revamp relationship listings
- #1103458: Remove columns from relationship type list
- #1104598: Rethink Permissions and Visibility of relationships
- #1108512: Private message integration: Create permission for each relationship type
- #1108520: Private message integration: Sending to one-way relationship types (differentiate between relationship direction)
- #1116010: Add UR elaborations permissions
- #1115998: Revamp core and UI permissions
- #1115956: Revamp relationship type name display


Third, an RC, which focuses on fixing bugs (Bugs should be in every phase, obviously) and freeze the UI, API and texts as far as possible.


At last, if there are no important bugs remaining, we can go stable.

Additionally, all bugs should be fixed before a stable version, but these are not specifically tracked here, see http://drupal.org/project/issues/user_relationships?categories=bug&versi... for a list of all open bugs.

As always, please do not post here about bugs, features you'd like to see and so on. Create separate issues or use already existing ones.

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Title: Alpha release of 7.x-1.x? » Roadmap to 7.x-1.0-alpha1 and beyond
Category: support » task


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Title: Roadmap to 7.x-1.0-alpha1 and beyond » Roadmap to 7.x-1.0

Added the issues from BenK to the Beta list, so that we can track the progress :)

Als updated the title.

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Yey! 7.x-1.0-alpha1 released ! I will use it on production site. Hope there won't be any problem.

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Title: Roadmap to 7.x-1.0-alpha1 and beyond » Roadmap to 7.x-1.0
Issue tags: +D7 stable release blocker

Some of the outstanding issues are pretty big and there might be an opportunity to get out a scaled back 1.0 release candidate out soon.

A stable 1.0 for 7 with feature parity to 6.x-1.0 seems very close.

Any thoughts?

Inspiration from http://webchick.net/node/89

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@Sascha: any updates?

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Title: Roadmap to 7.x-1.0 » Roadmap to 7.x-1.0 (User Relationships)

Updating Title so it is more informative when seen in activity display on Dashboard.
That also lets me feel less guilty about "sub +1"

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Went through an tagged a few more open bugs that seem problematic enough to prevent a stable release.

User Relationship Stable Blockers

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While the permissions related stuff could probably wait, for example the i18n integration currently does not work at all and requires major cod and UI changes (to get UX features like the translate tab on relationship type forms) which can't be done in a stable version.

I'm trying to get push this forward again, so we'll hopefully see some progress for this soon.

The thing is, I try to be very strict regarding stable branches (no UI/API/text changes, following core standards) so I don't want to release something that I don't consider stable.

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If we are aiming for something that is feature stable for the 1.0 then I say we should definitely squeeze in what we can now and not scale back too much.

I just had assumed the module would be following the typical contrib path of playing fast and loose with new features, but I'm all for introducing a little more predictability into that process here.

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Maybe user relationship should me more like G+ circles and allow user created friend lists?

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Be like G+, No ! Because my client does not like this feature but have the abbility to do it... yes why not ! Having it like an option could be an idea...

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See #950260: UR LISTS created by end-users for a very extensive discussion about creating lists of relationships. When it comes down to it circles really are just a list with a fancy UI and an implied relationship.

We won't be doing anything along those lines as part of the move to a stable version for 7 however, so please leave any discussion of new features to the appropriate place.

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Component: Miscellaneous » Services
Category: task » support
Priority: Normal » Critical

After activate the user relationships module with the services module enabled, it show that the relationships_user_services are enabled but in the resources configuration does not appear any operations about the user relationships and in the documentation there is no information about how to call them.
If the services enpoint is for example: www.drupal.org/api and I call www.drupal.org/api/user/{uid}/relationships it gives me a 404 response.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance and keep the nice work ;)

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Component: Services » Miscellaneous
Category: support » task
Priority: Critical » Normal

Hijacking a roadmap issue is not a great way to get support.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.0-alpha5
Issue summary: View changes


I had a couple of questions:
(a) It's been a year since the last comment on the roadmap to drupal 7. By when is the stable version expected to be released?
(b) Is the 7.x-1.0-alpha5 release stable enough to implement on a live site?

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I'm just going to copy and paste ashi's comment as it's exactly what I wanted to know as well:

I had a couple of questions:
(a) It's been a year since the last comment on the roadmap to drupal 7. By when is the stable version expected to be released?
(b) Is the 7.x-1.0-alpha5 release stable enough to implement on a live site?

I am trying to build a bit of social networking into my site, and I want a way for people to connect before they can private message etc. Like linkedin. This is the only module it seems that can do this so I hope someone can answer.


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Reviewing @Berdirs initial comment of issues to resolve for each different version we've got the following outstanding:

#728552: Send private message to all friends

#1102470: Clickable and sortable column headers for the relationship tables
#1108512: Private message integration: Create permission for each relationship type
#1116010: Add UR elaborations permissions

So all in all, not so bad. Once a decision has been made on the following issue & comment we can look at putting out an Alpha 6.

Long term for getting to a beta and then stable release this is up to the community. Understandably the maintainers are busy and only have so much time, same for me and whilst I can do a bit to tidy up long term I won't be on this. Without a committed maintainer things will probably stay how they are.

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Are there enough people still interested in this module? Please chime in so we can collectively work together to get a stable release out.
Anyone using this in production?

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I'm currently working with this module and it will be used on the production site.

The code in this module is well written and tested. I have my own automated tests that check most of the functionality of this module, including views and email integration.

In my opinion, this module can be released now as-is.

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Any update on the next release for this module?

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Hi Alex,
can you share your changes back to the codebase?