Last updated 21 February 2012.

The Drupal 8 Design Initiative is an official Drupal Core Initiative. Jeff Burnz is the initiative owner, please feel free to get in contact with Jeff regarding this initiative, especially if you want to get involved and help out!

Initiative launch posts:

The initiative has three main goals:

  1. Add a new design to Drupal 8.
  2. Establish a clear process for the selection and process of adding new themes to core.
  3. To develop a collaborative environment for designers.

A new Designers' Theme for Drupal 8

The main outcome of the Design Initiative is to add a new core theme to Drupal 8.

Discussion: #1087784: Add new theme to Drupal 8.1.x or another minor version
Issue: #911054: Remove Garland from Core

Establish a Clear Process

In Drupal 8 and beyond we want a clear process to facilitate the selection and process of adding new themes to Drupal core.

In Drupal 8 we will to choose the next theme based on the design, then code the selected design into the next core theme.

Discussion: #912458: Design Initiative: Core theme selection and development process

Develop a collaborative environment for designers

To facilitate the process we will build a new site geared towards the requirements for-filling both goals 1 and 2. Primarily this means developing a collaborative site where designers can post work, discuss and iterate designs based on community feedback and discussion.

Issue: #1156318: Design Initiative: Site Proposal

Design Initiative Team

Jeff Burnz


dodorama’s picture

Is a part of the goals cleaning drupal markup?
At the moment Drupal uses of a lot of classes that are non semantic and make theme developer life harder. Any chance to start such a discussion? Eventually where?

Jeff Burnz’s picture

Not for Drupal core per se, however we will of course build the best theme we possibly can and my own approach is to only use as much markup as needed.

For cleaning up core you might want to get involved in the HTML5 Initiative, and perhaps work on the Markup Gate. Because the HTML5 Initiative is going to be rewriting so much of core markup its a great opportunity to revise everything and clean up the redundancy.

dodorama’s picture

Is there any progress on the design initiative? Am I missing where the action is?