When maximizing the CKEditor as a user that have permissions for the Admin/Shortcut toolbar, the editor buttons are not visible anymore, they are under the toolbar. It is possible to get them show by clicking the "Hide shortcuts" button.

But this causes another problem, at least in Firefox. Then the "Text Cut, Copy & Paste not allowed" warning is placed at the top right in the browser window, above the CKEditor buttons. It is also still there when clicking the Minimize button to get back to the normal page.

Maximizing the whole browser window can sometimes fix this, but it is quite irritating.

Is this a problem with CKEditor or WYSIWYG?

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Bump. The toolbar disappearing under the admin menu is a big problem and definitely needs attention.

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Pretty much the same thing happens for TinyMCE.
For me it only happens when Overlay is active and I'm editing content inside it.
The toolbar div (id="toolbar""), holding both the top menu items and the shortcuts, gets restyled dynamically when Overlay is active. It can look something like this:

element.style {
 max-width: 1905px;
 clip: rect(auto 1925px 1167px auto);

I think the clip property is what messes with the fullscreen modes in the editors and I don't know if there's any way around it.
The clip property is used to keep the toolbar visible at the top as the window scrolls and resizes. If we try to interfere with that we're in for a race for which element really gets to be on top when both are told they should be...

Perhaps we can temporarily disable/hide the toolbar div whenever an editor enters fullscreen mode. But then we must be able to detect that event, and detect when it leaves fullscreen mode. I haven't looked into if that's possible yet.

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FWIW, I ran into this in Chrome, with some interesting behavior. When you maximize CKEditor the admin toolbar covers the editor toolbar, but if you resize the page the admin toolbar disappears. The button for minimizing the editor is then available, but when you do the admin toolbar stays away until page reload.

This is probably fixable with a little js to give the editor an incorrect, smaller window size, or some css alteration, either z-index or some padding on top.

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I'm having the same issue, but only when in overlay. I'm running FF4, Chrome & Safari on Mac OS X SL.

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Title: Maximizing CKEditor places top buttons under Admin toolbar » Maximizing editors places toolbar under Drupal's toolbar
Version: 7.x-2.0 » 7.x-2.x-dev
Component: Editor - CKEditor » User interface
Status: Active » Needs review
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I'm unsure about openWYSIWYG. I can't get its maximize mode to work correctly in any browser, even on their own demo page.
TinyMCE, FCKEditor and CKEditor seem to work just fine. Don't think any other editors have fullscreen/maximize modes.

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#5 fixes the issue for me using ckeditor. Thanks.

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#5 version seems not work for current 7.x-2.x for TinyMCE.

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#5 version works for current stable 7.x-2.1 on drupal 7.9 for TinyMCE 3.4.7.

Drupal should make hiding toolbar rather easy.

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#5 did not solve the issue for me using CKEditor and the 2012-02-19 Dev release of WYSIWYG.

The CKEditor toolbar displays briefly immediately after maximizing. However, the toolbar disappears as soon as you set focus on the text input area. It looks like CKEditor may be shifting up the page a significant amount on focus since I can see an area below the below the editor.

NOTE: The above was in FireFox 10 on OS X.

Disregard this post. It appears to be something specific to our site. Installing the patch on a clean install does work.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed
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Committed the patch from #5 with a small tweak to the OpenWYSIWYG implementation. Now it hides Drupal's toolbar too, but fullscreen mode doesn't work well since a lot of other elements from the underlying page still show through/above it. We're considering dropping support for OpenWYSIWYG anyway so I won't bother more with that.

Committed the attached patch to all major branches. The -dev snapshots will be updated within 12 hours and this will be part of the next releases.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.