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This book page contains an overview of all desired functionality for the first major rewrite of Hierarchical Select, which will be version 4.

After it has been decided what the scope will be, this will be transformed into a roadmap.

All issues mentioned below can be found in one handy overview by browsing the HS issue queue by the "HS4" tag.

Back in February 2011, I was anticipating to do an internship (that would complete my studies) at a Drupal shop. I did it for Facebook instead. If it were at a Drupal shop, I would probably have worked on client work, but also on the HS4 rewrite. Alas that did not happen.
For now, it is not clear when it will happen after all. The rewrite is postponed indefinitely. In a few weeks, I'll have decided which company to work for. Once that has happened, I will be able to say decisively whether the rewrite will happen or not. It greatly depends on the company I'll be working for.
I apologize for any disappointment and reliance on the ETA I had provided and failed to update, even though it said "at the earliest".

The following will definitely be implemented:

Blissful notes:

  • No more need for taxonomy_override_selector in Drupal 7. This is what caused the zillion compatibility issues with other Taxonomy form overriding modules. Bliss!
  • No more need to support the extremely poor Content Taxonomy module in Drupal 7, which has more bugs and compatibility issues that any sane person could imagine. Wonderful!
  • No more "Invalid response from server" because of missing PHP includes due to badly written modules, i.e. no more need for $form_state['form_load_files']. This problem has triggered hundreds of support requests in the D6 version of HS. Yay!

These blissful changes will significantly reduce the number of support requests I'll have to handle, therefor allowing me to focus on HS itself much more.

(This page is continuously being updated.)

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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This link can be practical to have available here on this page too.

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This Module has everything I'm looking for!
I noticed the Module page stated October 2012 as the earliest release date.
It's currently Jan 2012 - Hate to be one of 'those guys' but do we have any clearer picture on it's completion date?

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I am facing issue on Ajax load. when user select any option on select box. The option should call ajax load.
It is not load javascript ajax call. Can anybody help me.

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Any news when this module will be released?I need this to a new project and this module is critical to my project.Any news would be welcome.Thanks