SWF Tools development is going to get started again! Sorry it's been a while since any issues got fixed, and that there's not a SWF Tools 7 (yet!). I can't promise any dates yet, but it will happen.

I support (or try to support) SWF Tools as a hobby, and 2010 was a long and difficult year for my family so I simply didn't have the time or focus to look after it. But things are good now and I've got time for SWF Tools again.

It's going to take a while to get back up to speed with SWF Tools 6 (and finally make an official release), and I'll need to catch up with Drupal 7 before starting on SWF Tools 7.

But in the meantime, thanks to everyone who uses SWF Tools, and to those who have posted support in the issue queue.

Like I said, I can't promise when things will happen - life is good now, but still very busy!

Watch this space...


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Thanks for all your hard work developing this module!

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Hi Stuart,

Thanks for this great module. I'm willing to help with the porting effort of SWFTools from Drupal 6 -> 7. I can probably contribute ~15 hours per week starting immediately. Do let me know if you're open to getting an external person to help with the porting task.



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I'm having an installation problem with SWF Tools.

I have a new installation of SWF Tools. I have enabled all the modules but when I go to Aministration/Site Configuration, I do not see a SWF Tools menu as I've seen in videos. My sysadmin has already re-installed it and doublechecked the process but it still doesn't show up. Any thoughts about why this is happening?

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That's excellent news. You already did an excellent work with current versions of the module. I'm eager to see what you'll come up next !

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It's started!!

First, to those who have offered to help port SWF Tools - thank you, and sorry for not responding sooner. I've spent the last couple of weeks migrating things to git. At this point I'm going through SWF Tools 6 pretty carefully as there is some legacy code that I want to strip out and things had got messy. I propose to get things in some sort of order there, but then I should be able to document what's changed and then the player modules can be moved (and they should be fairly easy to do...)

For the eager adopters, the master branch on git is now updating with the code. If you fetch it you will find that many modules are missing. I have decided to prune the files and start adding them back in as code sections go live. Therefore SWF Tools 7 is currently very light on features as major parts have not come across. It sounds drastic, but the module is so long that I've found it easier to focus on it this way.

But the good news - the SWF Tools API module is running, direct embedding and SWFObject 2 are up and running. Basic flash embedding is working, and audio playback via the "generic" mp3 player is in place.

There's a long way still to go, but this should be a great chance to tidy code up.

Note that if you decide to experiment with the new code make sure to have the devel module enabled. The dsm() function is invaluable for this development and there are most likely calls to it in the repository.

Next focus area is to get the field integration running...

Thanks for your patience!

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Good news, thank you. Subscribing. ...update: tested D7 version - single mp3 playback via a file field - display formatter "swf tools separate files" and it works! (taken from repository, dated Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:36:32 +0000) Looking forward to test new features, thanks again!

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Stuart, you're the best! Thanks so much for getting a D7 branch started. I'm a total noob with git, but I'd love to try out the new branch and see what features work. Where should I look for instructions on grabbing the code from git?


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Hi, i am using your current module for drupal6 as you know in the final output there is an embed tag which can not be verify by the w3c validatort can you plz help me to solve this problem.

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nice nice nice ;)

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@JoshOrndorff - Hey Josh, I got it via: SWF Tools project homepage / right sidebar / development section / Repository viewer - master branch - snapshot . Jiri

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Update - WP Audio basic implementation in place as a means to work on playlists, and playlists now appear to be running via Fields. Some fairly major changes to code inside SWF Tools, but it should simplify things as old code is getting stripped, and we can take advantage of some new Drupal functions...

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tested D7 repository version - mp3 via wordpress audio player - formatters: separate files / playlist - both work, already using it, thank you! Tested version titled "Fix accessibility links, and minor tweaks to code." from Mon, 21 Mar 2011 21:02:44. Downloaded standalone version of http://wpaudioplayer.com/download/ and put into sites/all/libraries/audio-player.

It would be great, if the (optional) description fields of the uploaded files got passed as titles=title1,title2,.. parameter to the player, so the player displays it instead of track #1 before the playback starts. But I am not sure if this suits everyone and if it is compatible with other players... Or filenames could be passed - but it would be probably good to make it configurable, as the wp audio doc says the titles= (and author=) parameters override id3 tags.

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Major update and refactoring of code. Basically SWF Tools now works with an element, just like any other content in Drupal. This means we can take advantage of the built in cache (which also handles scripts), and it generally makes things much tidier.

If you just access SWF Tools via the field formatters then you should notice no changes.

WP Audio is updated to work with the new format, as is field integration and playlisting, so the module can be tested for basic flash and audio playback.

If you access SWF Tools by calling the swf() function from PHP then things are, in principle, a little different.

The 'official' way to call SWF Tools is to now define an element where #type => 'swftools', and then call drupal_render().

But for convenience there is a shortcut and you can call swf() like before with just a file name, or with an array of file names, and have them rendered. swf() will simply reformat the data in to an element, call drupal_render() and return the result.

If you previously called swf() with any of the optional arrays to define players or actions then these are now all re-organised and are *mostly* just keys (with the necessary # in front!). So ['methods']['player'] is now just ['#player'].

Next step - do some testing, with a view to sharing out update of the other players if anyone can volunteer!

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I hope that Version seven would remain on the path of accessibility like version six. I am blind and found SWF tools to be the most accessible module, and hope that it remains so.

I am not a programmer, but I look forward to trying the dev release for version seven. However, i could not find any links to help me download it to try.

Thanks for Mr. Greenfield for his great work.

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

@ibrahim ali

I'm glad you liked the accessibility features in SWF Tools 6. They are definitely going to be included in SWF Tools 7 (I'm working on the WordPress audio player as a start...)

At the moment the only way to get SWF Tools 7 is directly from the git repository, but the code is still undergoing serious rewriting at the moment, so it might not always be working.

Once I've got a basic set up running I plan to make an early alpha release to allow some initial testing as things inside SWF Tools are quite different to version 6.

I hope you'll like it when it's done.

Also, if you have any comments on the way the accessibility could be improved please post (in a separate thread!) any ideas. It's not an aspect I've done a lot of work with before. Thanks!

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Hey Stuart,

Thanks for your great work. I'm glad to see a port to D7 in the works.

I've cloned the git repo and would love to begin testing the D7 version. What should I use? It looks like you're making commits to the master branch. Should I just use the latest version of master?


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I'm incredibly excited that this is happening! Its the only module left that I need before I can upgrade to drupal 7! I'd like to help! What is the ETA on any kind of D7 release?

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+1 and subscribing

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Subscribe and thank you for your work.

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so are you stringing us along saying you remember your project but cant tell us when youll continue work on it?

have you released the project yet for public work in your absence?

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Theres a snapshot version in the repository but nothing past that yet. Its either a 7.x branch or the master branch.

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so are you stringing us along saying you remember your project

No - the start of the post points out that SWF Tools and Drupal is a hobby for me, and that I've had other priorities in the last twelve months. I have never promised a date!

have you released the project yet for public work

No - SWF Tools 7 isn't ready for a release. But the code on git has the work done so far on the master branch. I was (and am) in the process of overhauling the underlying code to try and make things slicker. But the absence of a release doesn't mean no-one can work on the code! If anyone wants to chip in that would be great.

Current state
I've been rebuilding my development machine this weekend and have reinstated all the bits of Drupal, so I'm now getting back up to speed. The code from git is currently able to render a piece of swf content and put on the page using the fields mechanism, so for basic embedding things aren't that far off. Updating the players always was, and will be, the time consuming part as there are so many players, with so many options.

Work is starting on WP Audio as this is the simplest player. Other players should follow.

Upshot - yes - it's taking a long time to bring SWF Tools 7 together, but it is on its way, assuming people still want it.

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Good reply stuart some people just dont get it !!!

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Thank you Mr. Greenfield!

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If the case is that, drupal and this module is a part time hobby for you, I think looking for a co-maintainer right now would be a blessing. It would help increase the productivity for such an important module. It would also lower your work load quite a bit. I would volunteer myself, as I one who uses this module pretty heavily. However my knowledge of php and drupal code is limited. I am currently taking classes to increase my php knowledge. However, it would wise to have someone volunteer now.

Stuart, are there any reasons that this module doesn't have an active co-maintainer?

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

No reason, other than no-one has ever volunteered!

I've asked in the past, and also requested patches if people don't want to co-maintain but do want to help!

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It seems like Drupal 7 module development is picking back up again now that the summer months are winding down. Perhaps create a new issue for co maintainer and put something on the module page explaining the need for one and explain the importance of how even a patch contribution can help. Thoughts?

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@maxbraff - it's worth a try. I'll do that shortly as the code in the core of SWF Tools is in a state of flux!

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

If anyone has an experimental site then the code now on the master branch of git has the current work on SWF Tools. It is a long way off being finished, but for SWF Tools 7 I'm kind of starting over to take advantage of neater ways of doing things.

At the moment embedding is possible (direct and SWF Tools), the basic audio player is working, WordPress Audio is working (as it's the easiest player) and SimpleViewer is working (as it's one of the simplest xml based players). Interaction with fields is working (render as separate players or playlists) as I figured fields was perhaps more important than the input filter?

The big change is that you no longer call swf(), but you use an swftools element.

$element = array(
  '#type' => 'swftools',
  '#file' => 'public://myFile.swf',
print drupal_render($element);

Why do it this way? Because now Drupal takes care of all the caching, and we can use things like wrappers, prefix and suffix to fine tune things. And you can put Flash and media content straight in to a form or element array and have it rendered.

The old options array is now handled by #action, #player, and playlists are passed as an array on #playlist.

Obviously a lot of docs to follow, but before I get too much further in to this any feedback would be good.

Once the 'core' settles down things get easier as it becomes somewhat straightforward to refactor the various player modules as they generally just manipulate variables and don't really care how SWF Tools actually renders things when they're done!

Quick and dirty tests after enabling SWF Tools:

  • Create a file field, configure it to display the files as separate files. Upload an swf movie. SWF Tools renders it.
  • Upload an mp3 file, the generic player will play it.
  • Enable WP Audio. Change this to handle single audio. The mp3 now plays in there.
  • Create a file field to accept multiple files and configure to display as a playlist. Set WP Audio as the audio playlist handler. Upload a series of mp3 - WP Audio will play them.
  • Set SimpleViewer as the image playlist handler. Upload a series of images. SimpleViewer will render them.
  • Pull a series of images from Flickr in to SimpleViewer with the following:
    $element = array(
      '#type' => 'swftools',
      '#action' => 'image_list',
      '#player' => 'simpleviewer',
      '#othervars' => array('useFlickr' => 1),
    print drupal_render($element);

It might seem a bit of a scatter gun set of features, but there's a LOT going on inside SWF Tools and these were relatively simple players to start with to get the core set up right!

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I want to test this, but I am really busy right now. If you don't get any results by the end of this upcoming week, I'll test.

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

Making good progress. JW5 now running (not with HTML5 mode yet...), with playlists, image thumbnails and interaction/accessibility in place. Support for image styles (was imagecache) implemented for JW and Simpleviewer. Still a lot more to go at, but pretty happy with new code.

Lots of refactoring of code as part of this change - getting rid of some legacy stuff, and tidying up (?) many aspects.

No settings pages implemented yet though :-(

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

More good progress. Initial implementation of JW5 embedding (which means HTML5 support) done. Uses a hard coded toggle at the moment, but means code can be tested. Have had HTML5 audio and video running in Chrome. I haven't justified an iPad for myself yet, so intrigued to know if this works 'in the field'!

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Stuart: Have you thought about releasing just a dev version of this aswell? So the project page can show progress for people who aren't familiar with issue queues?

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@Stuart Have you thought about releasing just a dev version of this aswell? So the project page can show progress for people who aren't familiar with issue queues?

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

@gridbitlabs - yes - and this will come shortly (although about to go on holiday which may mean I have lots of Drupal time, or none, I never can tell!)

The code isn't quite ready even for a dev release as it's still fairly changeable, but it's getting closer.

@all - Big step forward tonight - initial interaction with Views is up and running! At the moment I'm focusing on CCK / Views more than the input filter as this is a much more elegant, and much more powerful, solution. VERY happy that it's working.

infines’s picture

@Stuart - will 7.x support playlist functionality too? I'll be testing this package soon to help with feedback. Can't wait!

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

There are lots of variants of playlists - which type/aspect do you mean??! The intention is that most features will be ported, but it's just a question of timing!

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

More good stuff on Views (which should port back to SWF Tools 6). Holiday starts tomorrow so updates and code progress will be variable for the next couple of weeks (although you could argue it has been variable progress to date so no change there...)

infines’s picture

I was thinking Views playlist support.

ibrahim ali’s picture

I hope that Mr. Greenfield would import the accessibility in the prospective version of Drupal seven. I miss using SWFTools with drupal seven.

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

Accessibility features will be in SWF Tools 7 (in fact, they are already working in the work done on JW5!)

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Hi, great to see development of a D7 branch picking up. Can I suggest that you do some or all of the following to help speed up development:

1. Create a 7.x-1.x-dev snapshot and have it listed on the project page. This will make more people aware of the fact that there is actually a D7 version in progress, as well as ensuring that the upgrade_status module will report this fact, which is what a lot of people use to assess the status of modules that they need to migrate their sites to Drupal 7.

2. Update the project page to mention the fact that that D7 is being worked on and link it to this issue. Again, raises awareness.

3. Rename the git 'master' branch to '7.x-1.x - again this will help raise awareness.


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infines’s picture

ZuluWarrior’s picture

+1 for mrfeltons comments.

Has this stalled? Seems we've been on D7 for a long time now with no swfobject/swftools. Not complaining, I know we're all under major time constraints, I am trying to get involved in MediaSprint as well because of the lag between D7 and the modules needed to make great sites!

Anything I can do to help? (am downloading current branch now, will feed back and if I can fix summin!)

nirbhasa’s picture

Just wondering if you were planning to reinstate the [swf ...] filter - if so, I could come up with a patch for that.

ZuluWarrior’s picture

57.19 KB


not sure where we are with this, but I seem to have SWF Tools working under D7. I didn't re-write this, I think I've picked it up from another SWTTools/Drupal7 thread.

Attached is my working version of D7/SWFTools for anyone that can work with this.

Important Note This version worked fine but when using the cache would pop a notice on the admin area whenever the SWFTools object was called. I have to patch line 562 of swftools.module to return the markup if #return was not set. it was this check against an unset element that caused the notice. I'm not sure if my patch has disabled any desired functionality but it made it work for my site.

I hope this is useful in developing a D7 branch, or for anyone looking for this module under D7

maramail’s picture

this one doesnot support flexpaper,or i don't know the setting?

Fr0s7’s picture

Thanks for all of your hard work on this, Stuart! You're doing a fantastic job, and all of us who relied on SWF Tools in Drupal 6 really appreciate the effort you are putting into the D7 port. And thanks for keeping us updated! :)

brayo4’s picture

Any luck with flexpaper.......??? Does it work???

Stuart Greenfield’s picture

My New Year resolution is going to be get started on this again. After a good start on SWF Tools 7 on holiday in August things got hectic at work, and then our new baby arrived!

If 2012 is a bit calmer then hopefully I'll make more progress.

Sorry for the delay everyone!

danbohea’s picture

Have downloaded the version posted in #73 and have swfobject2 embeddding working in fields just fine - many thanks. Can we have a D7 dev branch yet?

HTML alternative content
I really need to get HTML alternative content (images, not just plain text) working ASAP. Is there any plan to add this feature to the D7 version anytime soon?

I'm not much of a module coder but I'd happily lend a hand testing if that's of any use.

Thanks again.

ealt’s picture

God bless your new baby Stuart.

Please keep up with the good work. (I think its time for a D7 dev release.)

gitesh.koli’s picture

61.44 KB

I needed the 1 Pixel out mp3 player for my project so i upgraded it to D7 version.

If anyone needs it.

deggertsen’s picture

#80 seems to be a fantastic start. The only problem I have run into so far (and it seems to be crippling) is that I cannot add the swf filter to the text formats. Do you not have that problem?

gitesh.koli’s picture

I didn't have to use filters for my text fomat.

I had file fields on content types which i could configure to work with the module.

But that's a good point. Let me see if I can work on that.

andreas_jonsson’s picture

I'm working on upgrading the Soundmanager2 submodule to D7, using #80 as a starting point. Got javascript and sm2 flash loading working so far, trying to utilize the D7 javascript API, hook_library() etc. I'll post it here when I got playlists rendering functional as well.

bluestarstudios’s picture

you're an angel andreas_jonsson. I was just going to ask if anybody had started work on SM2. ;) Good luck! And thanks for the awesome work everybody!

daniorama’s picture

Stuart, just a question, shouldn't SWFTools try to merge with Media module? I mean, there is a lot of duplicated work and Media seems the standard way for D7 and probably D8. I know SWF Tools do much more than just embed swf, but that's just whan Media needs right now. It lacks all kind of interaction with swf files and maybe redeveloping swf tools completely is not the best or fastest way to plan for the future.

I think the plan should be allowing maximum interaction between Media and swf, with flashvars and everything else, and try to make the old video and audio players compatible with Media compatible players. There is http://drupal.org/project/flashfield so maybe all should be merged into a media compatible module to join forces in these "dark times" for swf.

Adobe just killed swf for the web, sad but true, so swf are just going to stay as games, ads or app. Flash for video and audio is going to be deprecated sooner than we think and mantaining those tools is negating the evidence.

I'm not saying to leave every flash player, but to embrace those that combine them with html5, silverlight and everything else. That's the future.

andreas_jonsson’s picture

There's also the Audiofield module (http://drupal.org/project/audiofield) which both supports audio uploads and rendering players. It doesn't have any playlist functionality yet (http://drupal.org/node/797530) and swftools still has 10 times as many users atm. There's also a thread for media module integration with audiofield here: http://drupal.org/node/1218330

AndreyMukha’s picture

Assigned: Unassigned » AndreyMukha

Who can made swf filter on this module? Very need...

andreas_jonsson’s picture

Assigned: AndreyMukha » Unassigned

The D7 dev version of the soundmanager2 module (http://drupal.org/project/soundmanager2) seems to already provide a basic support for SM2, so not sure about continuing my work with updating swftools_soundmanager2 right now.

AndreyMukha’s picture

I past swf in my node, but i can't do it in D7...

rooby’s picture

For me the pick for media players is the jw_player module, but there are some things that swftools provides that it doesn't. It is very good at being a field formatter though.

jhrizz’s picture


This works wonderfully! Whats the hold up getting to be official, as is?

@gitesh.koli - I too am interested in the input filter... Any luck?

- Josh

flickerfly’s picture

Another module to consider is MediaElement. I'd like to hear how it does in the area of accessibility. It does do pretty good at getting broad coverage of browsers including mobile browsers using native stuff and falling back on flash as needed.


It doesn't have a lot of the advanced features, but is dead simple to get a player on the page using filefield.

gitesh.koli’s picture

59.79 KB

Here is the code for swftools with the filter working. I copied over the code from D6 and made a few changes.
I got [swf file='..'] to work
I still have to get [swflist] to work.


jhrizz’s picture

@gitesh- Very cool! I will give that a shot! Many thanks!

arisaves’s picture

I am primarily interested in using Flowplayer 3 w/ D7.

tmnh168’s picture

I wanna know if someone have the FLEXPAPER code works in this SWF Tools for Drupal 7..
For Flexpaper works to back to D6 is horrible......

rooby’s picture

Whoa that is extreme. Maybe there is no need for H2.

jonhattan’s picture

mrfelton’s picture

Can we get a 7.x-1.x branch going please, instead of all these zip files being posted in this queue. It will make collaboration and contribution much easier for everyone involved. Thanks!

mrfelton’s picture

I have committed the code from #93 to a sandbox project. See http://drupal.org/sandbox/mrfelton/1736572. I suggest that new issues or further patches in relation to the D7 port be created in the sandbox module's issue queue, until one of the SWF Tools maintainers creates a 7.x-1.x branch, at which point we can move it all over to there.

roball’s picture

Stuart Greenfield on December 30, 2011:

If 2012 is a bit calmer then hopefully I'll make more progress.

Now the 2012 year has passed with silence from Stuart. Are you still active with this project? The Release page of 6.x-3.0-beta5 from almost 2 years ago mentions

All being well this should be the final BETA before a formal 6.x-3.x

Can we still expect a final 6.x-3.0?
Thanks for giving any status info.

rooby’s picture

From a quick look at Stuart's post & commit history he doesn't seem to be currently active.
Last commit in 2011 and no recent posts.
The personal website linked from the profile is also no longer online.

So I would guess someone will have to volunteer to take over the project and make a stable release and hopefully even a D7 version.

TBH though I can see demand for this module continuing to fall with the move away from flash on websites in almost all use cases.

Marko B’s picture

So currently there is not embed flash module, there is no swf tools module, there is also no flash node module for drupal 7. I know use of flash is lower but still I have sites like http://bombaigre.com/ that have flash games and there is no way I can upgrade this to drupal 7 without some flash module. I do belive community would like to have at least some filed integration for flash, even UNITY player has some http://drupal.org/project/unity3d_field which is far less popular.

roball’s picture

Title: SWF Tools development restart! » SWF Tools needs development activity or new maintainer!
Priority: Normal » Major

True, so changing the title and priority to reflect the actual situation.

Alpinist1974’s picture

I have successfully used CKEditor and the CKEditorSWF modules to add Flash content to my sites. You can specify Flashvars and params through this module and embed it in any text field. It's not as nice as Flashnode/SWFTools, but it does work if you really need to add SWFs to a D7 site.

If you have the opportunity or desire to start working in HTML5, I highly recommend checking out Adobe Edge. It's free (for now), and does most things Flash does using a timeline with the option to add actions through JavaScript/jQuery in place of ActionScript.

Timm Jansen is actively developing and supporting a really excellent module called Edge Suite which offers many of the features from the Flashnode, AMFPHP, and SWFTools modules, in addition to many other cool features, like Views integration. There's a fairly stable dev version there now, with another coming soon. Check it out at: http://drupal.org/project/edge_suite


Marko B’s picture

CKEditorSWF is really not nice way to do this and you don't have much control, no views integration etc. It is just a back step from drupal 6 flash node.

Maybe as it is also 3rd party integration http://drupal.org/project/unity3d_field could be used and made a flash fork out of it as system is similar. File upload, then parametars settings and then code adding to html.

roball’s picture

OK, I am no longer using the "SWF Tools" module. I just needed it for the "Flowplayer 3" sub module to play .flv files. Instead, I am now using the Video.js (HTML5 Video Player) module for D6, which is capable to play both (deprecated) .flv files and HTML5 video formats such as .mp4 files.

kenorb’s picture

I'm interested in maintaining the project and I'm happy to create 7.x branch based on mrfelton's sandbox: SWF Tools D7
I've tested the version and it works fine.

kari.kaariainen’s picture

Confirmed, it does work. Some notices here and there but definetely useful for 7.x.

Hell-o’s picture

Please can any help me to connect Flexpaper with this new Swf Tools module because I am getting crazy.