I just upgraded a Drupal 6 site to 7. I also upgraded Pathauto. Now, though, the URL aliases that have been created are no longer being used by the site, and pathauto does not allow me to use previously allowable replacement patterns.

I have the following errors on the pattern page:

The Default path pattern (applies to all content types with blank patterns below) cannot contain fewer than one token.
The Pattern for all Book page paths cannot contain fewer than one token.
The Default path pattern (applies to all vocabularies with blank patterns below) cannot contain fewer than one token.
The Pattern for user account page paths cannot contain fewer than one token.

I have the following patterns for these items


I have the following defined for taxonomy


None of these patterns seem to be supported anymore, but I can find no documentation about what I should use, and what's available doesn't seem to match.

If these items were supposed to have been upgraded, the upgrade failed.


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You have to update your tokens manually as the entire token system was re-written for inclusion into core and your old tokens will not work at all. I've worked briefly on trying to provide a 'token upgrade helper' (i.e. #975038: Migrate old token_actions actions to system actions) but it has not been high-priority. This is also not anything specific to Pathauto. Anywhere you used tokens on your D6 site you'll have to change them to the new tokens. Essentially the same situation as if you were trying to update your CCK D6 fields to D7's Field API.

So please follow the progress ni #975038.

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Thanks for the proper direction, and the right bug to follow. I'm just not that familiar with the internals of Drupal. I guess I'll have to become familiar from now on, if I intend to keep using Drupal.

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Unfortunately, it looks I'm screwed.

I previously had the following pattern as default path


This game me vocabulary name, vocabulary term, and title, as my URL

I couldn't find anything that mapped each of these to the new tokens, but I guessed at:


But pathauto tells me that term:vocabulary:name and term:name are invalid tokens for a node path.

I don't know how to get what I before going forward. And there is no documentation, and I have searched on every variation of term I can think of, that I can find.

Can you provide a link that maps old tokens to new?

Any suggestions on what I can use to get my previous results?

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Pahtauto is correct in telling you that, because the problem is node to term tokens are not yet available. Taxonomy terms changed radically in Drupal 7 and we are working on trying to solve this problem in Token module via the following two issues:
#691078: Field tokens
#741914: Add a [node:term]

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Thanks. Yeah, I got that after more looking around.

Once I removed the no longer valid terms, then the old aliases would work. It's just I can no longer have the same alias structure for new aliases.

Thanks again for pointing me in the direction I needed to take to at least figure out what was going on.

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Title: after upgrading 6.x to 7.x no longer able to use replacement patterns » Upgrading Pathauto from Drupal 6 -> 7

Changing title for people to find this and the linked issues easier.

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So, just to make it clear and spare others the moment of panic I had after the upgrade:

The proper solution (that worked for me) is to go into Modules / Pathauto / Configure and just delete all those bizarre strings (such as "category/[vocab-raw]/[catpath-raw]") from all those fields there.

Then go to a page or blog post, edit it, then save. After that the aliases magically work again, somehow.

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If I replace my old patterns to something standard like [node:title] then hit save then move away from the pattern page, and go back to it again. My old patterns are there again. It will not let me change my patterns. Why?

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Are you using the features modules and have those variables exported?

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Here is what I did after upgrading from 6 to 7 and it worked without a glitch

Default path pattern (applies to all content types with blank patterns below)

Default path pattern (applies to all vocabularies with blank patterns below)

Pattern for user account page paths

Pattern for forums and forum containers

Pattern for blog page paths

Was from a quick project I did. Hope this helps.

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I just had the same issue #10 solved my problem ... thanks

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Thanks jessechou,

It worked like charm after I added the tokens provided in #10.. :)

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Thanks #10 - jessechou,

It worked.