I had this issue with the Biblio module: it defines $form['body_field']['body'] with weight 19, and $form['body_field']['format'] with weight 20.
Then after better_formats_form_alter() has run, the format fieldset displays above the body field, because it resets the weight to 1.

This patch has been made against 6.x-1.2, but a quick look at the CVS repo tells me it should apply against 2.x-dev too...

better_formats.preserve-weights.patch1.7 KBroderik


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I understand the issue here but I am not sure this is the right way to solve it. It is conceivable that modules can change all setting related with the format area but trying to merge all possible alters would get hairy if not impossible. It might be better for Biblio to adjust the weight after BF. I will have to think on how best to achieve this.

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6.x is now unsupported.