I am using the Panel fields row style in some Views displays, and after upgrading to 3.9 I'm seeing empty fields in these displays. The rows themselves are in fact displayed, but they have no field content when output to the page in question. This is also true in the live preview when editing the View. Switching to another row style remedies this problem.
The views in question all use 1 argument, some filters, sort options and a couple of relationships.

I have compared the generated SQL from 3.8 to 3.9 and cannot detect a difference, but I guess that is expected behaviour. Running the query by hand does in fact provide a node_title column containing the title of the nodes, but it is not output to Views (when using Panels 3.9).

Reverting to Panels 3.8 correctly displays the Views that use Panel fields.

To be clear: I'm using the Views UI, but this bug pertains specifically to Panel fields which are maintined in the Panels module.

Drupal 6.20
Views 3.x-dev
CTools 1.8
Panels 3.9

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I noticed the same thing upon upgrading to Panels 3.9

All of my panel fields were displaying as if they had no content, but then switching to fields displayed them properly.

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same as #1 here.

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Priority: Normal » Major

Same here.
Downgrading to3.8 solves it but doesn't resolve the security issue.

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Same here

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Seems to be related to the patch that closed #964334: Style Unformatted requires a row style but the row plugin is invalid . Reverting the changes that were applied in the patch listed there in comment #22 appears to correct this.

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Status: Needs review » Active

What is missing might then be the optional parent directive for the hook_views_plugin implementation in plugins/views/panels.views.inc. However, the solution should not re-introduce the bug in #964334: Style Unformatted requires a row style but the row plugin is invalid , and I have no clue how to accomplish that.

EDIT: turns out the above was not the solution at all. See #14.

The Views docs from Advanced help might be able to shed some light on this for someone.

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Subscribe. In my case, the query does not show any record.

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Me also. Had to downgrade to 3.8

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Same problem here

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This is on my list of things to look at today.

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Status: Active » Needs review
1.58 KB

Try this. Please let me know if this works.

The initial change there was done to prevent a notice, but then I realized that it actually used that theme function after all.

Note: Must clear cache. Both theme registry and views cache need to be cleared. Your best bet is drush cc all, devel module's clear cache button, or the clear cache on the performance page.

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@merlin: thanks, I will test this ASAP, but it might take 48 hrs.

But uh .. I think you missed the -u switch when creating the patch? I can read it though, so if you don't care, I don't either.

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It works for me, thanks!

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So I did! Oh exhaustion, you amplify mistakes.

Here's a proper patch.

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Status: Active » Needs review

Patch works for me too - thanks!

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Patch works for me too! Thanks a lot

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Patch works for me too! Thanks!

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Solved my issue too... i think this patch shpuld be added imadiately to the newest Panel version because many people updates the modules before checking if such udpate would create any issues...

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

I think it is safe to RTBC this now.

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http://drupal.org/node/1031960 is the same problem but for 7.x-3.x, I can confirm the patch in comment 14 works there too.

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I also had success with the patch in 7.x-3.x

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Any idea when this patch might get rolled into dev?

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed to all branches.

This is the first confirmation I've had that people actually use this feature. :)

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Subscribing - same issue here

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@merlinofchaos Really? It's really handy.

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Just upgraded to 6.x-3.x-dev but I still get the same problem with Panel Fields not displaying.

Anybody else?

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Status: Fixed » Needs review

Forgot to change status. Not sure if I'm allowed to do that. Sorry if not :)

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Oh yes, I think it's an awesome feature. It's also still pretty new and I don't know how widely known it is.

When you update, be sure to clear caches; it's in the views data and that's cached.

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Tried latest dev. Still same issue - even after having run "flush all caches".

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I cleared caches as soon as I saw no change after updating but that didn't seem to have any effect. Seems like the person above me is also having a similar issue.

I won't touch the status this time but it's not looking too fixed for me at this end.

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I have upgraded to latest -dev (from having patched manually before) and things still work fine for me.

#29 and #30, you should triplecheck your update procedure. If you download the -dev package manually and check the contents of the file /plugins/views/panels.views.inc, you'll see that the file has indeed been patched. I would check that file in your installation post-update, and if the file has indeed been patched then you know that your Drupal-installation is somehow caching the old code.

Hope you get it working!

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Have checked in /plugins/views/panels.views.inc but I'm not sure what I'm looking for to confirm that it's been patched. My file contains the following code, could someone please confirm that this is the correct, patched code for me?


 * Implementation of hook_views_plugins
function panels_views_plugins() {
  $plugins = array(
    'row' => array(
      'panels_fields' => array(
        'title' => t('Panel fields'),
        'help' => t('Displays the fields in a panel rather than using a template.'),
        'handler' => 'panels_views_plugin_row_fields',
        'path' => drupal_get_path('module', 'panels') . '/plugins/views',
        'theme' => NULL,
        'uses fields' => TRUE,
        'uses options' => TRUE,
        'type' => 'normal',
        'help topic' => 'style-row-panels-fields',

  return $plugins;

I have caching disabled and have tried flushing all caches including manually flushing the cache at admin/settings/performance, deleted the browser cache and refreshed the page repeatedly. Still no joy.

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'theme' => NULL is the old code.

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http://drupalcode.org/viewvc/drupal/contributions/modules/panels/plugins... is the commit that changed this. The latest -dev that includes this code is dated Jan 24.

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I double checked the dates when I downloaded it. I'll try it again (again) to be triple sure before posting anything else.

Thanks for confirming that I'm still running the old code - at least that would go to explain why I'm not seeing any change in display.

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Downloaded the new dev version dated 25th Jan and all is now sorted (previous dev version I downloaded was 24th Jan - not sure if that was the cause or not). Thanks for all the help.

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It's possible you downloaded after I committed but before the -dev was rerolled. drupal.org only rolls new -dev releases at noon and midnight GMT, so there can be a significant delay from the time of commit.

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Seems like the last dev (Jan. 25) did solve the "blank panel fields" issue. Thanks a lot!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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merlin, how does one install a patch like this? Is CVS mandatory? I'm hoping I don't have to find, install, learn a CVS client just to install this patch. :(

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thx !
working fine !

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Any idea when 6.x-3.10 will be tagged?

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Coming from #1225896: View with Panels fields embedded in Panel page doesn't display View and looking forward to Panels 6.x-3.10 as well ;)

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Version: 6.x-3.9 » 7.x-3.x-dev

Has it been implemented on current 7.x-3.x-dev version?

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Yes. Differently because Views changed the proper way to do this since then.

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This more than one year old issue is NOT solved completely, there are many oversights on the developer's part, and if one overrides titles in Panels, the module breaks again.

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Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Subtle hint, but complaining of oversights on the developer's part is not the best way to get support.

Nevertheless, I'm encountering a similar issue, in my case using the node_view panel and finding empty node fields are now being output as empty panes.

It does appear to be related to using the "Override title" feature.

When override title is off, and the node field is empty, nothing is output, as expected.
When override title is on, and the node field is empty, the pane is still output.

Need to prevent output if empty content, even if override title is on.

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@davidwthomas, I used to offer QA and click testing (all I know how to) two years ago, Drupal developers didn't care in any case, so I know one will never get support.

Now I only register my complaints, and hope some 3rd party developer will contact me and solve the issue for a small fee. I have another long story going on with UUID and node save, if revisions are left on, then UUID changes all the time, rendering the module useless for any practical reason. Do you think they fixed it or even responded to the issues I raised politely?


Workaround for this issue would be,

1. Turn Override Title Off,
2. Install String Overrides or Strongarm, and context
3. Configure to get the job done

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deltab: If that is your attitude, I have no interest in your input. There are thousands of people who maintain Drupal modules and the amount of time and energy they have to do their volunteer jobs varies. Treating them poorly helps no one.

davidwhthomas: Hm. Okay, the problem you refer to is actually about empty panes appearing if their title is overridden. That is actually completely unrelated to the issue this is about, which is about the 'panel fields' row style. Could you do me a favor and please post a new issue with the information you have?

Returning this to its previous state.

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Actually, thanks to the bug report in #49 I was able to easily reproduce. I created a new issue at #1735216: Field API field content type incorrectly renders if title is overridden but field is empty

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)
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deltab: no one gets anywhere with that attitude. you should know that good public relations and human resources is the key to any business, project and team, if they are to succeed.

great work merlin =)

  • Commit 6a4e77d on 7.x-3.x, master, pipelines, 7.x-3.x-i18n, 8.x-3.x by merlinofchaos:
    #1025716: Panels fields broken in last update.