Some CCK modules are not in core. Can they get special handling here?

From the CCK home page:

The following features are now handled by separate, dedicated projects:

  • nodereference and userreference : References project - co-maintainer needed
  • content_permissions: Field permissions module. See this issue for progress on the D7 version.
  • fieldgroup : Field group module - with much more awesomeness than in D6 !


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change to:

    case 'cck':
    case 'content':
      $projects[$project]['in_core_since'] = '7.x';
      $projects[$project]['in_core_note'] = t('You still need <a href="@cck-url">CCK</a> to upgrade your fields to Drupal 7. Additional bundled modules have been moved out of CCK: for Node References and User References, see References module; for Field Groups, consult Field Group module; for Permissions in fields, check Field Permissions module. There is an overall CCK to field <a href="@upgrade-issue-url">upgrade path discussion</a>. Contributed modules may use <a href="@field-convert-url">Field converter</a> as dependency to properly upgrade their non-field data to fields. Custom programmed field type modules, which may be obsolete now, might be easier to upgrade using <a href="@migrate-url">Migrate</a> module.', array(
        '@upgrade-issue-url' => '',
        '@cck-url' => '',
        '@references-url' => '',
        '@field-group-url' => '',
        '@field-permissions-url' => '',
        '@field-convert-url' => '',
        '@migrate-url' => '',
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Status: Active » Patch (to be ported)
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Status: Patch (to be ported) » Active

Directly related to #903060: Better handling for partially in core cases, tempted to mark as duplicate, but leaving as-is for now.