Last updated 25 February 2011.

It’s not uncommon for a contributor to use different e-mail addresses in different situations: for example, one address configured at home, and another e-mail address at work. However, users still have only one account with a single e-mail address.

The multiple e-mail address module solves this problem by allowing contributors to link their username to multiple e-mail addresses.

Key points for all users:

  • You no longer edit your e-mail address on your user account page, as in a standard Drupal installation.
  • E-mail addresses are managed on the “E-mail addresses” tab.
  • You will be required to confirm each e-mail address. Addresses left unconfirmed for over 24 hours will be purged.
  • Neither confirmed nor unconfirmed addresses can be used in the creation of a new account and cannot be added to any other existing accounts.

Additional points for code contributors:

  • To get credit for your Git commits, the e-mail address from your git commit must be confirmed on your account or be the anonymous address generated automatically on your behalf and visible on the Git access tab.
  • If you push a commit from an e-mail address not associated with your account, it will be credited to the Git Name you chose when you identified yourself to your Git installation.
  • You can add the address after you have pushed a commit. Unattributed commits will periodically be re-associated with their respective accounts.

To set up multiple e-mail addresses:

  1. Go to Your Dashboard » Profile » Edit » E-mail Addresses.
  2. To add a new address, enter the value in the “Add new e-mail” field and click “Save”.
  3. Check the e-mail for the account needing confirmation. If you don’t see the e-mail, be sure to check your spam folder.
  4. Follow the directions in the e-mail to confirm your address.