I'm using views_slideshow on http://timebank.org.uk/event/2010/12 (it's the block under the big orange graphic).

Previous and Next are appearing, but in the HTML they are just span tags, not anchors.

Today I upgraded Drupal 6 to the latest core version, along with Views and Views_Slideshow which are both running the latest dev versions.

Then I noticed my slideshow wasn't working at all - bit strange that - but I remade the view and it all looks fine, apart from the controls.

Any suggestions?

jQuery.extend(Drupal.settings, { "basePath": "/", "admin_menu": { "margin_top": 1 }, "viewsSlideshow": { "slideshows-event3_slideshow": { "methods": [ "viewsSlideshowCycle", "viewsSlideshowPagerFields", "viewsSlideshowControlsText", "viewsSlideshowSlideCounter" ], "paused": 0 } }, "viewsSlideshowCycle": { "#views_slideshow_cycle_main_slideshows-event3_slideshow": { "num_divs": 10, "id_prefix": "#views_slideshow_cycle_main_", "div_prefix": "#views_slideshow_cycle_div_", "vss_id": "slideshows-event3_slideshow", "effect": "fade", "transition_advanced": 0, "timeout": 5000, "speed": 700, "delay": 0, "sync": 1, "random": 0, "pause": 1, "pause_on_click": 0, "start_paused": 1, "remember_slide": 0, "remember_slide_days": 1, "pause_when_hidden": 0, "pause_when_hidden_type": "full", "amount_allowed_visible": "", "nowrap": 1, "fixed_height": 1, "items_per_slide": 1, "cleartype": 1, "cleartypenobg": 1, "advanced_options": "{}", "action_advanced": 0 } }

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I need to still make some css changes. It's on my todo. Thanks for testing.

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can you please test this out. It adds an underline and pointer on hover. I'll leave the colors up to the sites css.

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I'm having the same issue, where the controls aren't clickable. Unfortunately, this patch didn't fix it. (Is the patch at #2 for the 6x-3.x-dev? It looks like it is meant for the 7 version, since 7 uses ($vars) as arguments and 6 does not.) (I'm using the January 5 dev version of 6.)

If it's any help, I'm also getting the js error, "location undefined" in views.slideshow.js at line 53. ...if (Drupal.settings.viewsSlideshowPagerFields[uniqueID][location].activatePauseOnHover) { ...

Finally, I am also am getting an alert that says, 500 error, when I install json2 for the advanced settings. (Sorry if these are three different issues, but I suspect they are related.)

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silkyD can you try tomorrows development release and if you still have issues then open a new issue.

A patch like the one above was committed for this issue.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.