Last updated 30 August 2017.

Drupal is a community, and IRC is one means to communicate and interact with others. There are men and women of all ages, and it is best to remember to treat others with respect and courtesy, as outlined in the Drupal Code of Conduct.

Drupal IRC channels are not a personal or private space for making jokes at the expense of other people or groups of people, posting links to videos or photos of a sexual nature, or using lewd speech. The Drupal community is a place that welcomes everyone, and speech that can be seen as offensive — even in the name of "joking" — makes people feel unwelcome and drives them away. Please remember that your behavior in a Drupal IRC channel reflects on Drupal, and do not say or do anything that you would not normally say or do in front of a group of people in public.

Drupal IRC channels are a shared space, and for many of us they are related to our careers and businesses. As more organizations and businesses consider using Drupal, people turn to the IRC channels to better understand Drupal and decide whether or not Drupal is right for them. Let's all do our part in maintaining the standards of the community and representing its true nature.

Many in the Drupal community who help in IRC are in multiple channels. It is an unnecessary distraction (and rude) to crosspost your question in rapidfire succession to multiple channels. Please don't do this. If you ask a question in one channel, give a fair amount of time for someone to research your issue. If you get no response, by all means, feel free to ask in another channel. If you have asked in more than one channel and get help in one while the question is still fairly fresh in the others, go back to the other channel(s) and mention that you are already getting help to avoid having someone come in late to help only to find you've already gotten help elsewhere.

It is possible to "PM" (private message, or have a private chat) with people using IRC. The polite way to do so is first to find the person in a public Drupal channel, invite them to PM (e.g. "foo: PM?", if their user name is foo), and only PM with them if they agree. However, for conversations pertaining directly to Drupal, you are encouraged to use the public IRC channels, and please stay courteous and professional even in a PM.

In addition, the Drupal community supports the official policy of Freenode:

In accordance with UK law, freenode and the PDPC have no tolerance for any activity which could be construed as:

  • incitement to racial hatred
  • incitement to religious hatred

or any other behaviour meant to deliberately bring upon a person harassment, alarm or distress. We do NOT tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual preference or other lifestyle choices and run with a zero-tolerance policy for libel and defamation.

While we believe in the concept of freedom of thought and freedom of expression, freenode does not operate on the basis of absolute freedom of speech and we impose limitations eg. on "hate speech".

We expect all members of the community to treat other community members with respect and reserve the right to terminate anyones access to our services should they be found to be in breach of policy.

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A note on bots

Bots, integrations, and other forms of automation should not be connected to the Drupal Community IRC channels without the explicit consent of the IRC admins, and/or the channel owner (for smaller sub-channels). Unauthorized implementations will be blocked.