Indava's mission is focused on providing quality advice on IT for companies and government as well as to high quality on information management and consultancy services which include database management, data mining, customer relationship management and marketing, system development, system integration, SEO consulting, among many others.

We've always focused on supporting the best tools abroad which offer the highest value to our clients, trying to excel at every step of the development process and after delivering the final product avoiding vendor-lock or expensive proprietary software through all the implementation. We have found that privileging our customer interests before ours as the best and unique strategy to build truly valuable and long term relationships with our clients.

We also offer nearshoring solutions for clients that wish to acquire high quality developers at a reasonable rate.

Drupal contributions
We contribute to the development of the most popular Drupal 8 module for developers.
We've sponsored and Organise all Drupal Camps at Mexico City and sponsored Drupal camps in the country.
We are the founder, organizers, and sponsors of PHP Mexico community

We lead, evangelize and spread the word of Drupal through organisations, companies, government and Universities in Mexico.