Extending Drupal 8

This documentation guide describes 'Extending' your Drupal 8 site beyond the capabilities of a standard Drupal core installation.

You can pick and choose from a wide range of contributed modules to add functionality to your site, and from a wide range of contributed themes to change your site's appearance. These add-on modules and themes are also known as 'contrib', because they were contributed by members of our Drupal community, and are available on Drupal.org free of charge.

You might want to read the Extending and Customizing Your Site chapter of the Drupal 8 User Guide before or in addition to this documentation.


Install additional functionality and styles with addon 'modules' and 'themes', contributed by members like you, and free here at drupal.org

Finding Contributed Modules

These are the instructions for finding and evaluating contrib modules to use on your site.

Installing Drupal 8 Modules

Describes the process for adding a module to your site

Installing modules' Composer dependencies

Composer is the PHP package manager. It provides features similar to Drupal's own dependency management, and Drush make, but for any project

Installing Modules from the Command Line

Instructions for installing modules using drush or drupal console

Installing Themes

These are the instructions for installing themes on Drupal 8

Updating Modules

Describes how to update a module to its latest version

Module Configuration

Some modules require post-installation configuration. This describes generally how to do that.

Module Documentation and Help

Describes the process for finding the documentation related to any modules you may be installing

Uninstalling Modules

Describes how to remove modules from your system when they are no longer needed

Installing Sandbox Modules

Instructions for installing a sandbox module on Drupal 8


Describes common issues in module or theme installation and how to solve them