Configuration API

Configuration API in Drupal 8.

Configuration API overview

The configuration API in Drupal 8 provides a central place for modules to store configuration data.

Overview of Configuration (vs. other types of information)

In Drupal 8, there are several types of information:

Configuration Storage in Drupal 8

By default, configuration information in Drupal 8 is stored in the database.

Configuration override system

Drupal 8's configuration system handles configuration in a unified manner. By default, Drupal stores configuration data in the database, but

Configuration schema/metadata

Drupal 8 includes support for a Kwalify ( inspired schema/metadata language for configuration YAML files.

Configuration entity dependencies

Configuration entities may declare dependencies. A dependency can be a module, a theme or an entity.

Creating a configuration entity type in Drupal 8

This page provides an example of how to create a configuration entity type, with administration management pages, for Drupal 8. For an

Simple Configuration API

This page describes the API for getting and setting configuration data, for Simple Configuration. (This is not for information stored in

Working with Configuration Forms

Use $config in Form Context