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United States
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Web Platform Architect

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SAIC, Cape Clear, CR2, Goldman Sachs
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Data Warehousing, Defense, Finance, Telecoms

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I'm a Master Engineer at Hewlett Packard's cloud division. Before that I was Web Platform Architect at Teradata, where I ran the Teradata Developer Exchange and related web properties, and prior to that, I was the Chief Architect for Teradata Viewpoint. In addition to the day job, I've worked on a bunch of open source projects, including Apache Commons-Collections, NetTool, and Interruptible RMI, as well as being a member of the Expert Group for JSR-261 (JAX-WSA). Prior to Teradata, I was the Enterprise Portal & Identity Management Architect at SAIC, a big federal contractor, and Technology Evangelist at Cape Clear, now part of Workday, where I developed some of the earliest Web Services technology. I'm also a well-known Guinness aficionado.


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