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Astro Multimedia

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Acenet, The Kitchen, Intuition Publishing, Dell, Reading College and School of Arts and Design, University of Reading, One Realty, Groundwork Environmental Management Solutions, Osborn Lane, Advantech Software, Keytone Productions, Redox, MarmaladeSoul, EmSpace, Peregrine Adventures
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Education, IT, Mining, Environmental and Geological Services, Computer hardware, Steel Buildings

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I'm a computer scientist with many years experience in programming and web development. Taught myself programming at age 8, started commercial software development at age 16, focused on web development since 1995, PHP/MySQL since 2001 and Drupal since 2008. My business goals are to provide an expert professional Drupal development service. I'm also an excellent trainer in Drupal, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and an excellent technical writer. If you would like to engage me as a freelance Drupal developer, software designer, consultant, trainer or writer, please let me know.

I have studied 5 years full-time university, including a BSc in computer science and maths, plus a variety of additional subjects in electrical engineering, computer systems engineering, information systems engineering, and mechatronics engineering. I have a wide range of interests and have studied physics, chemistry, computer hardware and software design, algorithms and data structures, compilers, object-oriented programming, robotics, AI, virtual reality, e-commerce and multimedia. I also have experience in video production and music. I've tutored maths, computers and science at high-school level, and taught HTML, Photoshop, object-oriented programming, Java and UML at tertiary level.

On a personal level my primary passion is space and especially Mars. I'm a webmaster for Mars Society Australia, and a member of numerous other groups. I hope to write successful science fiction novels, and to create, a social network/virtual reality project designed to advance space settlement. If you're interested in investing in (or finding out more about) this extremely interesting and important Drupal/HTML5 project, please let me know.


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8 years 3 months
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Module developer
Website builder


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