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United States
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Senior manager for Web accessibility compliance
AT&T Corporate Accessibility Technology Office

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AT&T, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Ralph McElroy Translation Company, Austin Community College, University of Texas at Austin, J.D. Abrams Construction
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Accessibility, universal design, Web development, usability testing, accessibility training, technical editing, teaching, chemical research, highway construction

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I've been dormant in the Drupal community since the release of D7, but I do plan to return to a higher level of activity when the stars align. After all, to a large degree I have Drupal to thank for my being able to get my current job. By helping review modules and Drupal core for accessibility, I developed what amounts to an online portfolio of my work in that field. Now I'm doing pretty much the same thing at AT&T's Corporate Accessibility Technology Office. I also have a background in usability analysis and testing. I've used content strategy to coordinate Web development for a large state agency. I managed the Drupal 6 website of a nonprofit organization's magazine until the organization's decided that others had taken up the cause and it was time for their nonprofit to disband. I do dabble a bit in developing Drupal sites and hope to one day convince a small business or another nonprofit that they'd be better off having a website that works for them rather than having to work on their website. I rescue dogs, too—sometimes by adopting them from rescue operations, and sometimes by rescuing an abandoned stray myself. Among other fun activities, I walk my dogs in natural spaces. When I'm lucky, we find morels. (I wish I had scent hounds—I'd train them to find the mushrooms for me!) As we walk, I document the presence of invasive plants and other problems in the landscape. Then I coordinate volunteer projects to fix those problems. It's a way to get outside, get exercise, and make my corner of the world a little better for those who follow.


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I attended Do It with Drupal in New Orleans 2008. (We saw snow in the French Quarter!)

I presented at DrupalCamp Austin 2009.

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Cliff helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

I contributed Drupal documentation