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Global Innovation Coordinator
Civil Innovation Lab

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Companies Worked For
Relief 2.0, National University of Singapore, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Attorney General (Procuraduría General de la República), Ministry of Education (Secretaría de Estado de Educación), Las Americas Technology Institute
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Internet, Education, Consulting, Virtual Communities, Social Entrepreneurship

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Portuguese, Brazil

Civil Innovation, Social Entrepreneur, Disaster Response, Creativity in Education and Technologies for Human Development expert with over 20 years of field experience on strategy creation and project development for international organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, private corporations and non-profit organizations in Asia, USA, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Never Help: engage, enable, empower and connect.

Featured by CNN as one of 20 Latin American Leaders of the Internet, honoured as Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University and Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the National University of Singapore, recipient of Google Developing World Scholarship and Bill and Melinda Gates TED Global Scholarship and acknowledged by NMC at MIT as one of Six Emerging Leaders, Scholars and Entrepreneurs.

I have been fortunate to work and learn from people, communities and processes from remote Caribbean mountain villages to the depths of the Amazon Basin, from challenged settlements on the snowcapped summits of the Andes and underprivileged urban youth to thriving modern cities of Asia as well as the very specific particular environment of jails and disaster stricken developed and developing world populations.

My work includes design of education and innovation strategies, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms, regional research and assessment of technologies in public sector, hackathons, workshops, conferences, events and development of e-government, e-commerce and citizen engagement platforms.

Active member of TEDx community since 2009.
- Speaker at TEDxTokyo (, Japan), TEDxSilkRoad (, Turkey) and TEDxUChicago (, USA).
- Curator of TEDxEarthquake9.0 (Japan), TEDxKRP (Singapore), TEDxPortauPrince (Haití) and TEDxSantoDomingo (Dominican Rep.).
- Bill and Melinda Gates TEDGlobal Scholarship Recipient.
- TEDxSummit Qatar and TEDGlobal attendee.


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Site building
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Drupal deployment/ Multi-site configuration
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Online Communities

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