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Website Developer
Organizational Capacity Building

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Student Association of SUNY at New Paltz, Twelve Grove
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consulting, student government

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My father was working with IBM for 40 some odd years as I was growing up. Though my true passion lies in education, that had an impact on my skill set. Being a hardcore internet user in the early 90's was just the start.

Later on when in college I took a summer job working at a day camp. I didn't enjoy it very much and thought to change my major from secondary education, concentration physics, to computer science. This lead me to having a tremendous and small faculty at my college, who I grew pretty close with as I continued to get my MS there, again in computer science.

Right now I'm going through a transition. Literally. I am a transgender woman, and just came out through the internet like 3 hours ago from when I am typing this. During this time, I hope to get professional experience in the field, hopefully using Drupal, as I complete my transition. In time, I hope to return to school for my PhD and continue to be a professor at a university.

Meanwhile, for now I'm building one Drupal site for a client, one for myself and one is in the planning stages, also for myself.


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My one active sandbox project is The SemWeb module: This is for Drupal 7, and is to provide a GUI like interface so one would not need to learn RDF syntax to make case specific tweaks or updates to an RDF definition. For a more complete description, see the link above.

Other sandbox projects are ideas that I had come up with over time since the GIT migration. Should I find myself with nothing to do for some time, likely post graduation, I may take up one of those ideas for development reasons, should the void still exist at that point.

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Site builder
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DrupalCon Chicago 2011


I contributed Drupal documentation
I help in the Drupal support forums
I give support on IRC