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United States
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Ananda Center for Life and Spirit

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Engineering, Natural Healthcare

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Bio From From Press Release--
Sri Ananda Sarvasri is known internationally for his knowledge of natural healthcare. His methods are used to heal physical, mental, and emotional conditions, often within seconds or minutes. He believes that virtually every condition can be healed easily with natural methods – including all the major diseases.

Sarvasri is the author of the new book “Extraordinary Healthcare” released in March, 2014. He is the developer and founder of the Extraordinary Healthcare (TM) Program, a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare that goes beyond what mainstream medicine currently offers. It is based on his research and developments since 1971.

With a scientific background as an Engineering Physicist, Sarvasri left engineering to devote himself to the healing arts over four decades ago. He studied ancient healing methods with master teachers in Europe, India, and the United States. He was instructed in methods of healing not commonly available. Practically oriented, he has taken the ancient methods, current scientific advances, and traditional wisdom of the world’s healing traditions and made them easily accessible for today’s busy lifestyle.

Sarvasri lives what he teaches. He has not needed to see a doctor in over 40 years. In his early 70's he still retains the flexibility of a child.


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