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United Kingdom
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Brian Green Consultancy CIC/UK Ltd

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Citigroup (Vice President eBusiness, plus Y2K Project Manager - CEEMEA-IS), AON Corporation (Training Consultant), Open University (Tutor, Tutor/Counsellor, ...)

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Previously a senior lecturer in Mathematics and Computing in the education sector, and tutor/counsellor/summer school tutor in Mathematics and Computing for the Open University. Then Corporate Manager in the education sector. During this period I designed, developed and managed an education authority wide student enrolment system (including Bar Codes and EPoS tills), and was co-opted by a local University to provide training to SMEs on spreadsheets (a new and emerging technology: VisiCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, Multiplan, ...), PC-DOS/MS-DOS/Windows 1.0, and on “Expert Systems”.

There followed a period of being a freelance and contract trainer, and trainer of trainers, in Business IT and Project Management. Then IT project manager for an international investment bank implementing and managing high profile/high exposure international (34+ Countries) IT projects, where I ultimately became a Vice President eBusiness.

Lately I have been implementing and developing in Salesforce CRM including integrating Salesforce with website (viz. Salesforce APIs and PHP). This was primarily for Charities and Non-profit organisations in London. I first met Drupal in 2006 (version 4.7), but it's only in 2013, that I made any serious commitment to Drupal including developing my first custom modules (using SOAP & REST APIs integrating with Salesforce CRM - written in Drupal 7, and ported to Drupal 6), plus some minor contributions to Drupal core 7 & 8.


On for 11 years 8 months


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