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Selecting a different database inside a module

What is the best way to select a different database on the same server within a custom module and still use drupal's database framework (i.e., db_query, db_fetch_object)?

The problem i am running into is that as soon as i connect to my other database drupal thinks that it's tables are on this database and starts throwing a bunch of query errors. In otherwards it doesn't know that it should switch back to it's own db. Here is my workaround so far.

Changed Modul

my english is not so good, so don't be angry ;-)

I have installed the drupal 4.2.0 on my website and have added the module : taxonomy_html.

I have added a function to the module : taxonomy_html_link : the menu link.

Is that ok ?
Must i delete the code ?

DarkDexter webmaster of

Mass Content Module

Hello Everyone,

I am requesting volunteers in what I think is simple module but that I lack the php, mysql, drupal know how to put it together. Basically the module needs to perform three tasks; create a block with content pulled from the db, create links for the content on the block to other db content, which will be displayed when clicked.

What I have is an spreadsheet file which consist of 5-6 columns and roughly 25,000 rows worth of content (see html example below) which I can turn into a mysql dump of the same proportions (table with 5-6 fields and 25,000 entries). So what I like to do is have field one (eg. Categories) populate the block (which will be labeled Categories or edited at will), each entry in this block will have a name (eg. accessories) which then when clicked will display a page with all the entries that correspond to this category, with of coarse a limit of how many entries to display per page (can be edit as well) and a menu displayed atop the entries ( Back 1, 2, 3, ... Next) so that all entries in that category can be browsed. I am not to sure what other applications this could be used for but in my case displaying large amounts of content without having to create tens or hundreds of pages but just as simple as doing a data dump and letting the module do the work. In my case more specifically displaying a product list. Any input, thoughts or ideas welcomed.

Getting up to speed - adding a RSS field to weblinks module

I'm RTMF'ing as fast as I can. I've got things all set up, no questions, no hassle.

Now I want to code-monkey the weblinks so they include an input field for an RSS url. Syndication and aggregation being all the rage in the blogosphere.

Can someone point me in the right direction. I can usually figure it out but need a bit of a push in the right direction.


Closed div in poll.module

anybody know why a div element on line 309 in poll.module is closed at the begining (before links)? Maybe small cosmetic bug?


magic_quotes fix

I thought I finally found a great host for my Drupal powered site, but was severly dissapointed when I discovered that the php configuration settings chould NOT be changed in any way. I've searched the Drupal site high and low for a fix for this, but have been unsuccessful. Yesterday I finally discovered a fix for this, so for everyone out there avoiding using quotes in their posts or those who have abandoned Drupal becuase of annoying backslashes - this should fix it for you. I created a function like this:


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