Introduction to migrate D6 to D8

General information

What is migration in Drupal 8?

Migrate in the Drupal context means running a migration from the new Drupal 8 site and pulling data from an existing site. It replaces the old upgrade-in-place system that was used in prior versions of Drupal. So do a fresh install of Drupal 8 and have an old Drupal 6 site on the same host. After you've logged into Drupal 8 you can connect to your Drupal 6 site.

D7 to D8 tutorial: pathinfo module

This is a live step-by-step tutorial of my process of porting pathinfo module form Drupal 7.x to Drupal 8.x as part of the global sprint weekend, March 9th-10th, 2013.

The commit of Drupal 8 I was working against is:

* 957b556 - (HEAD, origin/HEAD, origin/8.x, 8.x) Issue #1932596 by ACF: Change site_name() into config in userpasswordreset.test and formtest. (4 hours ago)


I installed a copy of Drupal 8 locally to test against. With that done:

  • Start a new branch of my module: $ git checkout -b 8.x-1.x
  • On my first push, create a new upstream branch git push --set-upstream origin 8.x-1.x
  • Create a development release

Steps to upgrade

Problem Reason Solution Commit
Can't enable module. .info files are now .info.yml files Rename file and change to YAML format. 1241617 and 4c2a072

Working with breakpoints in Drupal 8

There is no user interface for editing breakpoints in Drupal 8. Due to the fact that breakpoints are config, it's not possible to provide a UI in contrib as well.

Warning: this documentation is outdated.

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