Configure services

To configure the Share Selection services go to "admin/config/services/share-selection/services".

Check the services you want to show in the right side of the services table.


Change the order they will be shown with the drag and drop icons in the left side.


Custom Options

Every service can have its own custom options to work.

Share Selection

This module allows to share the selected text in social networks like Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin.

General Settings

To find the general settings you can go to "admin/config/services/share-selection".

Choose where to show the share selection options, may be on specific content types or paths.

Obtaining Git access

Anyone with a user account can upload modules and themes by using the following steps to turn on Git access for his or her account.


  • All users must complete the following steps described in Turning on Git access for your account below to obtain initial Git access, even those who formerly held a CVS account prior to the CVS -> Git migration.
  • Until you have gone through a one-time approval process, you will only be able to create sandbox projects. This is only true if you had not completed this one-time approval process with your existing CVS access.

Turning on Git access for your account

  1. Navigate to your user profile and click the Edit tab > Git access sub-tab.
  2. Specify your Git username in the Desired Git username field.
    Once selected, this value can never change
    , so choose wisely! It will form the basis of URLs for your sandbox projects. If you already had a CVS account, this will be pre-set and uneditable.
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