Obtaining Git access

Anyone with a Drupal.org user account can upload modules and themes by using the following steps to turn on Git access for his or her account.


  • All users must complete the following steps described in Turning on Git access for your account below to obtain initial Git access, even those who formerly held a CVS account prior to the CVS -> Git migration.
  • Until you have gone through a one-time approval process, you will only be able to create sandbox projects. This is only true if you had not completed this one-time approval process with your existing CVS access.

Turning on Git access for your account

  1. Navigate to your user profile and click the Edit tab > Git access sub-tab.
  2. Specify your Git username in the Desired Git username field.
    Once selected, this value can never change
    , so choose wisely! It will form the basis of URLs for your sandbox projects. If you already had a CVS account, this will be pre-set and uneditable.
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