Creating Image Galleries in Julio

Creating a Gallery

To create a new Gallery:

  1. Go to the user group for which you want to create a Gallery.
  2. Click the Gallery link at the top of the page.
  3. On the Create Gallery screen, first enter a Title and a Description for the Gallery.
  4. Under the Gallery Settings heading, you can choose options for the way your new Gallery will be displayed. There are options both for the Gallery landing page, which will display thumbnails of all of the images, as well as for the slideshow view, which people will see when they click on one of the Gallery images.

    The first three options here are for the Gallery landing page:

Julio - Gallery Options

  • Number of Columns Chose how many columns of thumbnails you'd like on the Gallery's landing page. This will affect the size of the image thumbnails—the more columns, the smaller the thumbnails.
  • Number of Rows - Choose how many rows of thumbnails can be displayed on the Gallery's landing page before continuing onto additional pages.

    A couple of examples:

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