Contributing to Symfony Documentation

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This document covers updating documentation (online and API) for the Symfony component of Drupal (adopted in Drupal version 8).

Background and Overview

In Drupal version 8, the Drupal Core project adopted several third-party libraries into its source code, including the Symfony web development framework. The Symfony library is under directory core/vendor/symfony in the Drupal core source code (version 8), and other PHP-based libraries are in other directories under core/vendor. There are also third-party JavaScript libraries in Drupal, such as JQuery (which has been part of Drupal for many versions); these have traditionally been located in the "misc" directory, mixed in with Drupal-native JavaScript libraries.

If you find an error or omission in Symfony's documentation and would like to contribute to the Drupal and Symfony projects by fixing it (or at least pointing it out), the basic steps are the same as contributing to the Drupal API documentation:

Asset widget

Advanced Asset contribution / management widget provides next functionalities:

CKEditor: Override Asset display settings

You still are able to override Asset display settings after embedding Asset into CKEditor.
All optional fields from the Asset entity type and Display settings can be modified without any impact on the original Asset.

Just call the context menu Override Asset by doing right mouse click on the embedded asset zone and do the modifications.

Override Asset configuration

All Versions - Enhancing Drupal's functionality

Ok, so you've installed Drupal and gotten it working. You've added a module or two, and maybe you've even changed the theme. Now you want to do more, and adding modules or changing the options doesn't seem to cut it. Maybe you've found that things don't look quite like you want them to, or you want there to be more functionality in a particular module.

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