Other Drupal tools for administrators

In addition to the resources already listed in this handbook, there are a variety of contributed modules and other tools designed to assist with administration tasks.

Setting up a VPS for your Drupal sites - overview and considerations

Many people want to focus on building their Drupal sites and prefer to host their sites with companies that manage the servers and software environments for them. However, sometimes people might need or be interesting in setting up their own server. Recently on LinkedIn there was a discussion of what a 'home brew' Drupalist needs to know to move from shared hosting to a do-it-yourself virtual private server (VPS).

With a VPS you have administrative control over your server (software, not the hardware). This gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom that you might not have with some shared hosting plans, but it also involves more work. If you want to administer your own VPS you should be committed to keeping your site up to date and current with patches, upgrades and security releases, things that a shared hosting service might take care of for you.

Path redirect: send users to pages that moved to a different path

Redirect Feature is provided by Path redirect for Drupal 6 and Redirect for Drupal 7.
Both modules provide a simple UI to create redirections in your site. If you want to import a great number of redirections, Path redirect import module is a good option to generate the redirections from a CSV File.

For example, you create http://www.example.com/books/fiction then you rename the page to path http://www.example.com/fiction. You can use Path redirect to redirect books/fiction to fiction.

Recovering the administrator password

There are several methods to recover the Drupal administrator ("user 1") password. The fastest way is using drush.

Request new password via e-mail

You can reset your password by requesting a new password at http://www.example.com?q=user/password.

Change password with a database query

Drupal 7

Update administrator password via sql-query in Drupal 7.

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