How to install Drupal 7 with CKEditor and IMCE on Wampserver

Getting Drupal to work on Wampserver

Starting out with Drupal version 7 – using Drupal 7 tar.gz (the last current Drupal version)

This tutorial assumes that you have downloaded Wampserver ( ) and installed it on the same computer that you intend to work on with Drupal. Once you have installed Drupal on your computer you will be unable to access your project at another computer terminal.

Multi-site on Windows - using WampServer

This page describes how to set up a multi-site Drupal install using Windows and Apache, via the WampServer package. The instructions cover how to set up live production sites as well as local development sites, and setting up new sites as well as making copies of existing sites.

Topics covered include: Installing and configuring WAMPServer, configuring and troubleshooting Apache and MySQL, creating databases, users and permissions in PHPMyAdmin, creating DNS entries and/or hosts file entries, creating sites directories, and installing multiple Drupal instances.

Drupal 6 Multi-site Local Installation on Windows using WAMP


This guide assumes you have installed WAMPServer, which you can download below:

Alternatively, you can install another WAMP package, but you will need to adjust the paths as necessary.


  1. Set up Drupal as usual
    1. Install WampServer (or another 'WAMP' package) and make sure that Apache and MySQL services are running.
    2. open phpMyAdmin in your browser localhost/phpmyadmin (or it can be launched via the WampServer icon in your system tray.)
    3. Create a new database -- we'll call it drupal6 because this will be our base installation which we will leave untouched. While you're here create a second and third database, which we'll call site1 and site2. You can also change the database privileges if you want, but to keep things simple here, we'll stick with the default user root and no password.
    4. Download Drupal 6 into WampServer's wamp/www folder (or the htdocs folder in Xampp and some other packages). (You'll need a tool like 7-zip to unpack the Drupal tar.gz file).
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