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The Social Feed module is very similar to other Drupal modules which require Libraries and X Autoload Module to use for the 3rd party code integration. Hence, for installation of the Social Feed module please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Feed Import 3 - Edit source

Select your desired import method.

Feed Import provides by default six methods of content import (readers).

Feed Import 3 - Edit feed

Edit feed related settings such as entity name, delete protection, processor or hash manager.

Views GeoJSON Example Use Case

In this example use case, Druplicon the blogger travels around the world and blogs about the awesome stuff he encounters on his travels.

What's Views GeoJSON for?

Druplicon's blog-site will collect location information for each post. Views GeoJSON allows using Views to provide a GeoJSON feed of this locative data that can be added to a map, or that another site can collect (maybe with the Feeds module) and utilize.

Setting up Views GeoJSON

Download and install Views GeoJSON.

In this example we'll use Geofield to store geospatial data. We could do so as well with the Location module, or via any content type that maintains latitude & longitude or WKT data.

  • Add a geofield to a content type, in this example basic page
  • Geofield depends on geoPHP


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