Mandrill - another mail option from Mailchimp

Mailchimp provides an email service with some useful features and the results stored on the Mailchimp server. Mandrill is their other option and returns the results to your Web site through callbacks. Use Mandrill when you already use Mailchimp and want the results from your mail back in your Drupal database.

MailChimp Module: Introduction

Note: more documentation for the Drupal 7 version of the MailChimp module is also available in the README files of the submodules.


The MailChimp module integrates with MailChimp, the popular email delivery service.


  1. Embed subscription forms for any MailChimp list with custom meta data and a block for each list.
  2. Enables end users to manage their subscriptions from their account page.
  3. Allows end users to subscribe to lists during registration.
  4. Lets you map user tokens to MailChimp merge fields.
  5. Allows you to make lists required for certain user roles, and optionally allow anonymous users to subscribe by presenting a signup form with all MailChimp merge fields displayed.
  6. Allows subscriptions to be maintained via a batch process during cron or in real time.
  7. Allows the option of also enabling list "interest group" subscriptions, for more fine grained mailing list control.


(Versions 7.x-3.x and higher)

The 3.x release uses a new version of the MailChimp API library (2.0). If you are upgrading from 7.x-2.x, make sure to get the new version of the library.

  1. Download and install the Mailchimp module.

Mass Contact


The Mass Contact module started out as a modified version of the core Contact module. It allows anyone with permission to send a single message to a role or group of roles (or even to all registered users). Over time, it evolved to something more than just a basic contact module to a group of users.


Here are a list of some of the features this module has:

  • You can send a message to one or more groups (referred to as categories) of users, which are specified by role.
  • Large recipient lists may be broken up into smaller chunks.
  • The site administrator can control how many messages are allowed to be sent by a single person in an hour.
  • The message may be sent such that the recipients' e-mail addresses are hidden from each other.
  • The message may be sent as plain text or HTML, even specifying the input format filter to use.
  • The message may include one or more binary file attachments.
  • The site administrator may specify different texts to be placed at the beginning and/or the end of every message that is sent out.
  • A copy of the message may be saved as a node.
  • Users may opt-out, by category, of receiving mass mailings on their account settings page.


Simplenews: Send newsletters to subscribed e-mail addresses

Simplenews publishes and sends newsletters to lists of subscribers. Both anonymous and authenticated users can opt-in to different mailing lists. HTML email can be sent by using Mime Mail module.

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