Configuring the Search API server (D8)

Create a new Search API server

Go to
○ Click on "add server"
○ Add a name for the server
Add the connection configuration to your Solr server and leave the other defaults

Drupal 8 modules and Solarium installation

These steps are only for Drupal 8.

Download modules using Composer

Better download the modules using Composer than Drush. This will install the required libraries, including the class Solarium. General (deeper) instructions may be found at Using Composer to install Drupal packages through

Run these commands in the Drupal root folder.

Debugging a Solr search

Sometimes when using this module, you might come across a search that doesn't return the expected result (or facet, highlighting, etc.). When you've looked at the other sections in this handbook (especially Special server features and pitfalls) and not found anything, looking at the Solr request directly to see where the problem is might be the best next step. (It is also often a great help when you create support requests in the issue queue.) This is usually (depending on your server setup) not particularly complicated.

Installing Apache Solr Search with free (trial) Opensolr server on Drupal 7

Download and install the Apache Solr Module -

Opensolr Setup

Setup a free trial Solr hosting account with Opensolr, this is valid for 15 days -

In your Opensolr Control Panel > Add New Collection:

Server Location: Any
Collection Name: mysitesolrtest
Type of collection: Drupal 7 Collection Template


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