TIP: Drupal6/7 permissions setup compatible with DSO (mod_php) 'nobody' web server mode on CentOS+WHM/cPanel under Drush maintenance

Some context

So why might you, if you are operating a cPanel-based VPS for your own Drupal sites, want to consider switching from suPHP to DSO ?

"Your Drupal site got hacked ? Well it's entirely your own fault ! You should always do your updates ! You've only got yourself to blame (and don't dare blame the security holes in that older Drupal code) !!!"

Configure Apache

You now need to enable the mpm-itk apache module, the rewrite module, and prepare a virtual server entry for apache:

sudo a2enmod mpm_itk
sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/development.conf

Now copy the following and paste it into your development.conf file. Then do a text search for "USER", (case-sensitive! Or you risk accidentally replacing "AssignUserID" with something that will cause an error on Apache restart) and replace the four instances with your Linux username.

Uniform Server Drupal 7 Setup

Uniform Server Drupal 7 Setup (Verbose)

An explicit guide to setting up an easy Drupal development environment utilizing the Uniform Server. “The Uniform Server is a WAMP package that allows you to run a server on any MS Windows OS based computer. It is small and mobile to download or move around and can also be used or setup as a production/live server.” http://www.uniformserver.com/

Mike Anello's (ultimike) video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SPyQ3KJLJg

In case of difficulty:

The Uniform Server + Drupal 7 Installation Step-By-Step

Download the Uniform Server (version Coral 8.1.2) (Not the latest version; because Drupal needs PHP 5.3.10 and the latest is PHP 5.4.4 etc.)

Double-click Coral_8_1_2.exe (the self-extracting file for Uniform Server, it will create a folder in the same directory called "UniServer").

Move the UniServer folder and its contents to where you want your application and new Drupal sites to reside:

(typically Users/(your name)/Sites/UniServer)
or E:/UniServer (on a RAM stick or SD card)

Making a Boost cached site mobile


This tutorial is a description of how to setup the mobile version of a Drupal site with theme switching and automatic redirection to the mobile site that works with static page caching mechanisms (Boost module). Redirection is done on Apache's level instead of the PHP level (.htaccess instead of php code).

Installing Solr on Ubuntu

Click on below appropriate Ubuntu Server version

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